Who are We ?

We are a regular run of the mill couple , who have each other to keep our hearts warm  , crrently living in the US , passionate about life , food and work , in that order. Dee is a full time home executive , who started experimenting in the kitchen out of boredom. There were burnt pans , holes in the pots , sometimes surprisingly good outcomes in our kitchen. Dee was especially thrilled when the food cooked was gracing our table more often than the kitchen sink. K has been always interested in cooking and used to cook for Dee when they got married. We have been recently blessed with a beautiful baby girl , who keeps us busy all the time .

Why did we start a food blog ?

Dee :Ammalu’s Kitchen was started one lazy summer afternoon , as I thought I  was close to becoming an expert in cooking , only to realize that there is a never an end to this endless art . Firstly it is an Ode to my mother , aunts and cousins who introduced me to world of cooking and taught me the nuances of cooking. I started this Virtual Kitchen after I moved to the US inspired by Indira of Mahanandi

Secondly ,I started Ammalu’s kitchen (Ammalu means Little Girl in my mother tongue , Telugu) to pen down my culinary journey from a novice cooking vegetable stir fries to my present day avtaar.This recipe journal is to treasure all the family recipes and our experiments in our american kitchen and is a means to reach out to my wonderful family and friends.

Our experience after we started a food blog made us want to know more and pen everything we learn in the due course  in this virtual space.

K : I cooked to survive and taught myself how to cook , except for  a recipe here and there from my mum and taught Dee too. I second all that Dee says plus we love to eat ! Dee is the one who writes more often on this blog and I share my signature dishes on this virtual space  , once in a while.

What is our goal ?

Apart from penning our memories related to food , experiments in our cozy kitchen, we haven’t thought of the next step. We don’t know where life will take us next , so we are going with the flow . We don’t even know if we will limit this virtual space to food or expand.

We know that this is not the best blog around, but we would like you to be inspired to cook a great meal for your loved ones after visiting our blog and come back to visit us more often. You are more than welcome.

What do we do  apart from blogging?

Dee :Apart from blogging I love to sleep in the car while my husband is driving, sometimes feigning illness if required to snatch a wink!  I love to watch Clint Eastwood and Warren Beatty  flicks and Anthony Bourdain on TV and I think they Drool worthy ! Slurp !!! 😀 . Traveling is also a hobby , although I don’t do much of it these days due to a health condition and my baby .Time becomes a long warp when I’m reading, be it internet or books. On a more personal level, I’m a proponent of Yoga and ayurveda, and am embarking on a journey to explore these ancient jewels of India.

K : Work , Work and more work and park myself on the couch ! On a serious note , for me nothing is better than running . I love to run and hike and bike , but never have trained for a marathon. I love to read , have a passion for woodworking , I built a few pieces of furniture for our home, watch movies and cook whenever I have the time. ( Did you notice that’s its the last thing in my list of interests ?)

Quality of Food :

All recipes are tried and tasted in my kitchen and suit our palate perfectly. We love and cherish these recipes some of which are our own creations and some are close to our heart either because they are made by people close to our hearts or there are sweet memories attached to it. A lot of love , affection , care goes into each dish , be it cooking for ourselves or family or friends. The one look of satisfaction , appreciation for the food tasted , makes us want to do more and better with each passing meal.

If you feel there is something not right in a recipe ,please write to us and we will answer your questions. Insulting rude comments will be swiftly deleted without a second thought and don’t be surprised if we don’t answer to them. If you disagree with our way of cooking ,ingredients etc please do so in a manner agreeable to both parties and we will look into it and correct it if necessary.

Copyright Statement
All content, photographs and images are solely the property of www.ammaluskitchen.info, except where noted. Permission is required to copy, download or use any text, photographs or image files. Please ask before you use any of it.

Hoping you have a wonderful time visiting and trying the recipes from our blog.

If you would like to write to us, mail to ammaluskitchenatgmaildotcom

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