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Herb Mania – Basil Round up

I was really really tied up with things at home and couldnt get to post the round up earlier than this. There are so many wonderful , innovative  dishes that all the participants sent , a feast to the eye and to the taste buds as well. Thank you all for participating in this event and also being patient with the delay in the round up.

Check out the Photo Album here

Appetizers and Snacks :

Manali’s Cravings – Basil Vegetable Puffs

My Spicy Kitchen – Tuscan Mushrooms

Bombay Foodie – Tomato bites

Ammalu’s Kitchen – Basil Fritters

Culinary Bazaar – Grissini

Red Chillies – Oven Baked Basil Potato Fries

Pastas and Pizza:

Escapades – Pasta the forgotten way

Sunita’s World – Pasta with almonds, red peppers and tomato

Nalapaka – Pasta with Paneer

Finger Licking Food – Gemelli with Basil Walnut Pesto

Paajaka – Pasta with Basil Pesto

Mom’s Recipies – Pasta with Basil and tomatoes

Kitchen Flavours – Pasta with tomato and Basil

Enjoy world Food – Oat flax linguine with basil pesto

Spice Club – Sphagetti with Soy Balls

Harish Nandu – Pizza

Asan Khana – Fresh Veggie Pizza

Soups and Curries:

Essence of Andhra – Italian Tomato and Basil Soup

Veg Inspirations – tomato basil soup

Spicy Khazana – Thai basil curry with tofu

Jugalbandi – Basil Infused Potato and Peas

Sides and Main Course:

Taste Buds – Roasted Asparagus and Broccoli with Basil and garlic

Sangz Samayal – Pineapple Basil fried Rice

Dindin Tonight – “Ground Beef” and ricotta pesto Lasagna

FootLoose Chef – Stir fried Mushrooms in Basil

Holy Cow’s – Basil Pistou with Bulgur pilaf


Whats for lunch honey ? – Basil Strawberry Ice cream

Baking Obsession -Grilled Peaches with Basil Ice Cream and Pine Nut Crocante

Enjoy this wonderful spread  and looking forward to see your entries for Herb Mania – fenugreek hosted by Red Chillies !

12 Thoughts on “Herb Mania – Basil Round up

  1. Late – who cares as long as the table laid out is as delicious as this :) Wonderful collection for Basil and next time I get basil I wouldnt have to break my head surfing the net – jus this one bookmarked page shud do :)

    thanks Dee for this beautiful theme and take “care” ;-)

    lots of hugs

  2. Beautiful roundup… so many mouthwatering recipes. Some that I did’nt even know existed.
    I missed participating this time. Will keep my eyes open for your next :)

  3. Great Basil roundup!

  4. thanks, dee.

  5. Thanks, dear Dee, for the great round up :-)

  6. Thanks for the wonderful roundup Dee!

  7. hmm, looks like a innovative and delicious roundup :)

  8. Thank you, Dee for posting the round up.

  9. I am hooked!!! And now u have inspired me to consider setting up my own site… :) Have added you to my blog roll… :)

  10. I love your ideas. Your blog is great. So well done.

    I’m trying to help promote a site called Behind the Burner (www.behindtheburner.com).

    If you like to cook, like to eat, want healthy nutrition advice and constantly search for ways to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of food, you’ll love this site.

    Tell all your friends. Do whatever you can to spread the great news.

  11. Great contest and roundup has lot of varieties
    Need to explore on this more..

    I am really happy to invite you to participate in the contest that is getting launced on Feb 20 2009 – check out this link for details – http://justurs.blogspot.com/2009/02/magnificent-click-contest-2009.html contest.

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