Orange , Date and Almond Salad

Today was one of those days when I desperately wanted to be alone, no gossiping on the phone , no cooking . I have one exam to complete my course and I have zero motivation to study… I take out the book , do a problem and I yawn and almost fall asleep. Now this is getting a little overboard and yet again I decided to take a break after doing that one problem and

  • called my mom and bitched about life in general,
  • made concrete plans for an impending vacation and then
  • went to the gym for a nice good workout and then I felt really good
  • Made this wonderful salad and ate it all

Life suddenly seemed blissful and I felt blessed , I seriously think it was the salad and the workout that did me good. So I made it again for dinner and we gorged as we were famished.

I normally don’t slice the oranges in a circular fashion but bee’s salad prompted me to do so. We love this orange salad with middle eastern flavors. Simple yet soul satisfying.

I used Valencia Oranges which are summer oranges available from february to October and ras el hanout to spice up the salad , Ras el hanout is a middle eastern , west african blend of spices which contains , nutmeg, paprika , cardamom, mace, cumin, turmeric , coriander, clove , cinnamon and peppercorns.


2 oranges

A pinch of Ras el Hanout

A tablespoon of rose water

Orange blosson honey or plain honey

Mint leaves

2 dates sliced lengthwise

Slivered , toasted almonds to garnish

Take the oranges and remove the rinds using a knife , and slice them in circles , toss them along with the dates in some rose water , ras el hanout ,and sprinke mint , almonds and drizzle with orange blossom honey and serve chilled. A tasty summer salad which will help you beat the heat !


This goes to WBB -summer feast , started by Dr Nandita of Saffron Trail and hosted by Dear Sia of Monsoon Spice and also to Think spice , Think Nutmeg , conceptualised by dear sunita of Sunita’s World and hosted by Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen

Another view


27 Thoughts on “Orange , Date and Almond Salad

  1. lovely colors! love the way u have cut the oranges. saw it in a similar manner in jugalbandi!

  2. yes Nags , I did check with bee on how to cut them.

  3. That looks so colourful…and yes, working out always helps…not that i am a great one to say so…haven’t been to the gym for months now :-(

  4. You are making me feel guilty!! I have not been to the gym in light-years! This from someone who used to go three times a week!!!!!! But I love the colorful salad! Perfect for a warm summer’s day like today!

  5. Hmmmm..yummy salad wonder it made you feel good!!It looks so pretty and delizzzzzious!!!!

  6. I have a b******* session with my mom every morning after A leaves for work and L goes to school..and am relieved by the end of it :)

    Love the play of colours and flavours in your salad..

  7. Very colourful salad, Dee. I’m not surprised you had it for lunch and dinner!
    Thanks for the entry.

  8. The salad looks really vibrant and summery.
    R-E-H sounds like a good spice to have on hand:)

  9. Beautiful shots, Dee! My husband cuts oranges like this! The salad must have tasted yum – I have a fruit chaat with the usual chaat masala and a squeeze of lime. The ras el hanout smells good from the combination of flavours!

  10. wow..lovely salad dee…i also loved the addition of almonds…this bowl would definitely brighten up anyones day :)

  11. Bhawana on July 24, 2008 at 7:57 am said:

    wow what a color combination :) . Good salad, I can eat such salad anytime. greatttttttttttt.

  12. beautiful salad…i am not a salad lover, but with this combo, who could resist!?

  13. Very goodlooking salad Dee. Love all the three fruits that you have used.

  14. colorful salad! Looks so good and picturesque.

  15. such lovely flavors, Dee!

  16. that’s true dee, @ basil. if u like i can put it as an alternate & send it over ;)

  17. Beautiful salad for summer! Love ur colorful picture

  18. What lovely, vibrant colors, Dee. It must have been like having dessert for lunch and dinner!

  19. ras al hanout is awesome in anything. and rose water is a great addition to this.

  20. good looking salad…..loved those oranges

  21. I yawn when I think about the gymn. I lack the motivation to do exercise for even 5 minutes. How do you manage to feel good, anyways?
    But the sald, now that is to die for!

  22. @ RC, Meeta ,sunita a couple of days ago , I used to loath the treadmill, they were only god for nightmares, but then , the fear of going home(India) overweight bothered me , my mum will ruthlessly cut the carbs and give me boiled beans , this ordeal is so much better than her controlling what I eat.. She is all set and looking forward to doing eat. She has already promised me that she will get me into my ideal weight , knowing her… I know she would.

  23. Thankyou all for the wonderful comments , it was indeed a pleasure to eat and riot of colors to see.We thoroughly enjoyed this.

  24. wow what colours…:)

  25. wow what colours…

  26. What a burst of colors Dee? I remember you telling me about this salad a couple of days back. You were also thinking of making muffins with this combination right?

    I don’t know why Dee, these days I’m feeling hungry always. Earlier I used to work out in our elliptical machine, but it’s collecting dust for more than 6 months now.

  27. Such an awesome presentation. Love the vibrant colors.

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