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Sprouted Almond Milk and JFI Round Up

I love the fact that I can make it anytime I want, I always keep a stash of sprouted almonds in the refrigerator just to satiate myself whenever Im in need of this energy drink which is definitely a couple of times during the week. it works as a great snack for me… especially when I crave for that one cup of extra tea…which I have given up in the recent times.

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JFI – Sprouts

Delicious is one word that comes to my mind when I look at sprouts. These protein packed natural pills are common in many of our homes. They make a great snack orĀ  breakfast and also great additions to salads, sandwiches apart from being a great meal by themselves. Here is a list of Sprouts and their Nutritional Information

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Rainbow Chard and Mixed Kathol

Kathol is one favourite gujrati dish which is common in my household. We love the sprouted dals in the kathol and often try to use sprouted one’s rather than the plain dal. Dont go by the looks of it!! Its a treat to the adventurous palate , with flavors like jaggery , tamarind and green chillies bursting at once.

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