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Herb Mania – Mint Round Up

When I started this event , I was skeptical , if I would receive any entries. I knew I could coax and threaten a few friends here and there but I wasn’t sure. I am really glad that I announced this event. Look at the entries , who would want to miss such an array of dishes , surely not me! Many thanks to all the participants!

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Pudina Paneer Tikkis

Last week, everyday I forgot to get my wife what she asked for. I would come home empty handed to Dee who would open the door, expecting a bunch of mint…and there I would stand my laptop case in hand, and sorry about my amnesia. So sunday afternoon both of us went hunting for mint. Not in the Asian Market..couldnt find it in Safeway or the walmart neighbourhood….looked for it in every aisle in fry’s. I was about to give up, but Dee, determined as she is, got the lady in the produce section to find out a small box of it.

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A Minty Affair

Our car broke down yesterday and we couldn’t go grocery shopping. For the first time in my life , I was challenged to make a decent meal as there were hardly any vegetables in the refrigerator , I am one of those kinds who stocks up the pantry and refrigerator enough for an army. Neither of us were in a mood to cook something elaborate after spending an hour in the phoenix summer but had enough enthusiasm to take pictures , lest the dish I made turned out interesting :D . So I decided to make a simple pachadi apart from some garlic rasam and yogurt. A great one for a binge day !

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