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Walnut Burgers and Monthly Mingle

This year has been quite an eventful one for us , lots of travel… lots of changes… I cant remember a time like this ever. However , we are just back on our toes, trying to get a foothold , welcoming and embracing the monotony and enjoying every moment of it.

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K’s Chole Poori

My amma is a health freak , so much so that she is anti fried food , I do not remember eating pooris in my house except for once , when I and my kiddo brother were bawling our lungs out for this beautiful flat bread.

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Bissap and Tamarind Tofu Wraps

I have 3 reasons to blog today…

The weather is great here today, though a little humid , its been so long since it has rained in this part of the world, My part of world has brown coloured trees not the usual green , thats how dry it is… so , its been an oasis in the desert for us today with the showers yesterday and the drizzle today.

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