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Basil Mania

I am going through a fried food and chocolate phase now. All I can think of is fritters and a yummilicious cup of chocolate. We were about to make the traditional jalapeno fritters ( mirchi bajji) and then I wanted to make something that fits into the event. So we googled about Basil fritters and realised they do exist!

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Herb Mania – Mint Round Up

When I started this event , I was skeptical , if I would receive any entries. I knew I could coax and threaten a few friends here and there but I wasn’t sure. I am really glad that I announced this event. Look at the entries , who would want to miss such an array of dishes , surely not me! Many thanks to all the participants!

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Anouncing Herb Mania – Basil

A sunny plant from India , commonly grown in Asia and Africa for 4000 years. It was an important herb used only for medicinal purposes in the 16th century in europe , but became the most important and one of the best culinary herbs in the 17th century. Basil is the easiest herb to grow and thankfully mine is still surviving after being with me :) .

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