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A New Look and a Salad

I really hope to stick to this theme ! My dear brother found it and tweaked it for me . I love the layout and  I am still doing a cleanup of the website , but I hope my readers and visitors really like this theme.  I have been working on this continuously for the last week , cleaning up , uploading , deleting stuff.  Its a lesson learnt that I need to be more organized and not neglect my virtual baby !

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Rainbow Chard and Mixed Kathol

Kathol is one favourite gujrati dish which is common in my household. We love the sprouted dals in the kathol and often try to use sprouted one’s rather than the plain dal. Dont go by the looks of it!! Its a treat to the adventurous palate , with flavors like jaggery , tamarind and green chillies bursting at once.

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Pinto Bean Stew

I dreaded Pinto beans until I made this stew… I picked the can on an impulse from wild oats because it was on sale for $0.99 and was lying in my pantry for a couple weeks now. I refused to acknowledge its presence until I realized that my refrigerator was almost empty and I had less than an hour to whip up a decent meal for lunch.

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Nadru Paneer

The authentic Kashmiri Nadru Paneer calls for mincing the paneer and stuffing it in the Nadru along with nuts and raisins. Sounds exotic right?

A little variation in the cooking style and our experiment was a success. It was superb and made is to our “once in a while” list. Afterall , we all can take an extra serving of protein combined with fat once in a while. Well long after the curry got over, we were still licking our plates wanting more!!!

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My Pedatha-Gutti Dondakaya

This is my tryst with tradition, my experience of “Cooking with Pedatha“. My pedatha, She is one helluva woman. Growing up in Hyderabad, I spent most of my free time after school/college at their place. I don’t remember missing a get together or a festivity at their place and have fun. Every function filled the house with relatives, cousins and friends. Sankranti was all about chakkarapongal and kites and Deepavali was all sweets and firecrackers. Although the kites meant, getting onto rooftops climbing precariously placed ladders or bursting firecrackers meant the traffic on the road was at our mercy.

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