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The Space between Us

Thrity Umrigar’s first book  left me enthralled at the Hyderabad airport. I was waiting to catch the flight back to where home is now . I had an option to spend between a sad cup of coffee for 100 bucks or this book. I opted for this book and I’m glad that last of the Indian currency that I had with me was not wasted.

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Sunshine Bread

Corn Bread is a regular and a big hit in my house. Often served with soup or a chunky tomato dip , it is a quick dish to make , especially on days when I have to work with a limited stuff available in the pantry. I love the golden bread specked with reds and greens sparkling on my plate. To my eye  it seems like an exquisite piece of art . I make these in the form of mini  cakes . K calls them Sunshine cakes ! This recipe was given to me by an ex colleague G , who would bake it for us on a large cast iron skillet every other week.

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