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My 100th Post and a childhood favorite

As much as I love sambhar , being an Andhrite I don’t think any savory south Indian breakfast/tiffin is complete without ginger chutney and Kharapu podi.Well, to be honest , sambhar was made when my mum was in a hurry and always eaten with rice. It was always Kharapu podi and ginger chutney with Idlis/pesarattu and dosa all drizzled with ghee unless we were eating breakfast in a restaurant which was rare. But once I got a the taste of the quintessential sambhar , there was no looking back, The kharapu podi and allam pachadi , was moved to the attic of my mind and stored as a memory. My mum makes an awesome allam pachadi and kharapu podi… I dont think anyone can beat her when it comes to this… and she is very proud of this one thing and can lure my dad to get her anything that she wants by making them for him.

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A Minty Affair

Our car broke down yesterday and we couldn’t go grocery shopping. For the first time in my life , I was challenged to make a decent meal as there were hardly any vegetables in the refrigerator , I am one of those kinds who stocks up the pantry and refrigerator enough for an army. Neither of us were in a mood to cook something elaborate after spending an hour in the phoenix summer but had enough enthusiasm to take pictures , lest the dish I made turned out interesting :D . So I decided to make a simple pachadi apart from some garlic rasam and yogurt. A great one for a binge day !

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Think spice … Think Mustard- Quick Tomato Aava pachadi

I’m glad to be back after more than a month. I have missed all those wonderful recipes from my dear fellow bloggers and I will soon patrol all the blogs and leave my trail. I had to keep away from the computer, firstly because of a 3 week rest period and then a relapse again. I couldnt be away any longer and so , here I’m wondering what to make next in my kitchen. The most I missed was the fresh meals I normally cooked everyday. I never said No, when my dear friends offered food , I took it all :) .Here I am with a recipe for the event ” Think Spice” hosted by ” The Mistress of Spices” , sunita of Sunita’s world.

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