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Tandoori Asparagus

Asparagus is one of the most interesting vegetables I have ever eaten. I really love the poriyal and Bee and Jai’s Usili is fabulous , do try it .  I make often , the main reason being it cooks faster and is done in 10 minutes and then its really healthy and a well balanced vegetable apart from being one of the most inexpensive finds in the farmers market I visit often. So , why not ?

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Baked Lotus Root Chips – MBP – Less is More

The Jugalbandits need no introduction in the blogging world. They dare to be different in every aspect , give their best shot in everything they do and most of all wonderful human beings. Their blog is a repository of knowledge . Recipes with clear cut instructions , alternate methods and what not to do in most cases. Sometimes when I visit their blog , I can hear bee giving me instructions step by step and clearing my doubts if any before I ask. Same goes with their photography essays. Do read them , it will definitely bring a change in your style of photography , they brought a change in mine.

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Pudina Paneer Tikkis

Last week, everyday I forgot to get my wife what she asked for. I would come home empty handed to Dee who would open the door, expecting a bunch of mint…and there I would stand my laptop case in hand, and sorry about my amnesia. So sunday afternoon both of us went hunting for mint. Not in the Asian Market..couldnt find it in Safeway or the walmart neighbourhood….looked for it in every aisle in fry’s. I was about to give up, but Dee, determined as she is, got the lady in the produce section to find out a small box of it.

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