Happy New Year and JFI

Wishing all my friends, family, readers a very happy and a prosperous new year! May all your wishes come true and may this year bring you a health, wealth and happiness.

On another note, I have received quite a few emails and have been away for sometime now. I will answer all your emails shortly and post the roundup during the weekend of 3-4 January, 209. Please bear with me as I’m in between something major. See you all soon at the round up and Thanks to all those wonderful New year wishes.

Friday Finds and Awards

After a disastrous week , I found some solace after some surprise awards and some great finds and came back home , a happy person.

I had to drive about 48 miles one way to get these… but what is more pleasurable than eating Indian mangoes ?? I found these lovely sweet kesar mangoes , it cost me a small fortune for a dozen , adding to the fuel prices… but the experience was well worth the price .

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