Khejur gur er Payesh

Bong Mom’s Cookbook needs no introduction in the blogosphere. Her food is always spiced up with the wonderful stories she tells us about home and bengali food. A couple of months ago , while browsing the isles of a local asian store , K came across Khejur gur ..err.. Palm Jaggery. Trust her and me, if you taste it once, you will never get back to cane jaggery. The flavour is hard to describe, but I can assure you its the best.  If you are a regular on this blog , by now you must have realized how much I resist , detest sweets , but this one is a keeper in my pantry forever.

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Back to the Grind

Survival has been our key for the past year. We are slowly falling into a routine and hope that we get back to our normal lives soon. I have totally neglected my virtual space for the past year or so and trust me , there has not been a single day when I would get up and tell myself that ” Today I will blog” and the day flew by without me even thinking of opening up this page.  So much so I missed my beloved virtual space turning 2 in April , all the attention has been on our little one !

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Last month was the first time I joined this book club which chooses extraordinary books for us to read and post a recipe inspired the book. The book chosen to read was : Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K Jerome. A classic story which starts with a serious note about 3 men , the narrator and his 3 friends , who think they have various illnesses decide that they are overloaded with work and decide to take a holiday. They first thinkof going into the sea and then settle on the river Thames thinking its going to be easy on them . The story goes on from here about how they embark the journey and the incidents occurring , thus turning it into a humorous piece of work. A typical set of Englishmen who love their tarts , jams etc

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A new look and some mindful eating

My virtual kitchen dons a new look , Naresh , I , my kiddo brother and K have been having a difference of opinions about the previous template, I’m someone who likes sober , pleasant , earthy tones and pastels. Bright , flashy colors are not me . the previous blue template was more of a trouble to my eyes rather than being pleasant and the feedback wasnt great either from my friends . Continue reading