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Lassi Love

I am so excited about letting you guys know that this blog has won the Click contest – Host’s pick for the month September 2009. Thanks to Bee and Jai for hosting this wonderful event , thus bringing out the creative best in all.

Heartfelt thanks to all the Judges , voters and especially the participants who inspire me to do the best.

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Sprouted Almond Milk and JFI Round Up

I love the fact that I can make it anytime I want, I always keep a stash of sprouted almonds in the refrigerator just to satiate myself whenever Im in need of this energy drink which is definitely a couple of times during the week. it works as a great snack for me… especially when I crave for that one cup of extra tea…which I have given up in the recent times.

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Click ~ Iced Vanilla Coffee

This is my entry for Click – Coffee& Tea , A monthly photography contest conceptualized by the jugalbandits , bee and Jai .

This delicious creamy iced coffee is a great treat , especially on a warm day.

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Bissap and Tamarind Tofu Wraps

I have 3 reasons to blog today…

The weather is great here today, though a little humid , its been so long since it has rained in this part of the world, My part of world has brown coloured trees not the usual green , thats how dry it is… so , its been an oasis in the desert for us today with the showers yesterday and the drizzle today.

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Mexican Tea (Ponche)

Oops.. this event almost slipped out of mind…. I had to do this post after trying to photograph a muddy brown liquid for hours together.. until i got a decent picture… more than anything else , for Dear DK …. I live in a place where I get to eat mexican cuisine more than anything else… but when I saw most recipes posted by a lot of my dear fellow bloggers… I decided to go with this beverage , great for a hot day!

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