Ravishing Salad

Those small ruby bulbs lying amidst their greens are a treat to watch at the farmer’s market. I often make a curry , sambhar or kootu with the bulbs and the greens go into the smoothie or I just saute them . But last week I came home with a bountiful basket of  these little ruby reds , juicy , sweet cherry tomatoes and fresh corn . I was thinking a simple salad.

Here is what I did with these beautiful minis ! This is definitely not a make ahead salad  as it becomes soggy due to the vegetables used. If you want to make it ahead , then cut the veggies and drain the water by keeping them in a colander and adding  salt for about 15 minutes, else store them covered in separate  containers. Remove and toss just before serving.


12-15 red radishes sliced into thin rounds

1 persian cucumber

20-25 sweet cherry tomatoes

a handful of sweet corn

1 jalapeno

a teaspoon of chopped cilantro

1 tablespoon of  chopped/minced onion

Crumbled feta cheese (optional)

For the Dressing :

A squirt of lime juice

2 tablespoons of rice vinegar

2 teaspoons of good quality olive oil

Salt and pepper , adjust according to taste


In a bowl mix all the ingredients ,then add the dressing ingredients and toss gently .Sprinkle with feta cheese . Serve in individual bowls , or roll the salad into wraps or stuff in pita pockets and enjoy !


For rolling into a wrap , I normally spread a thin layer of hummus or guacamole and then place the veggies and sprinkle with some feta cheese and roll and secure with a toothpick. I normally use the  whole grain , organic Ezekiel Brand Wraps as they are made of sprouted wheat and they have a subtle sweet taste which we love !


14 thoughts on “Ravishing Salad

  1. Soma says:

    The wraps look sooo good! DD1 made me buy the radishes yesterday for salad. she love it in with cucumber tomatoes & onions.

  2. Vaishali says:

    Those red radishes really do look like ruby bulbs. And although I am not a big salad fan, this salad looks spectacular and colorful AND healthful.

  3. RedChillies says:

    The salad and the wrap looks awesome Dee. Hey, I did not know about a chana wallh in Bangalore, thanks for letting me know, i will check the next time I go there.

  4. siramki says:

    That is a colourful salad indeed ! Just mix in some cooked grains ( rice / bulgur / cous cous) and this becomes a complete meal by itself.

  5. Supriya says:

    Hi, I landed on your blog from Jugalbandi and instantly fell in love with the photos of your recipe and the variety of healthy recipes you have posted in your blog…very nice:)

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