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Monthly Archives: August 2009

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Allium – Click !

Garlic Chilli  Olive Oil- Recipe coming soon !

Bee has been gracious enough to allow me to send my Click! entry past the deadline

Thanks Bee !

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Ganth Gobi Aur Chane ki Daal

Otherwise known as Kolhrabi /Knol Kohl ,belonging to the family of turnips  Ganth Gobi is a common dish we serve , Soupy , Hot and spicy, fresh from the stove top, it is normally served with Warm Methi or Plain parathas or  Missi roti and some plain yogurt.The left overs are normally gobbled up , pretending it to be a chunky soup.

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Sweet Pepper , Feta and Veggie Salad

Does this happen to you ? I always set out to do ” A particular ” dish and end up doing something else. It happens about 80 % of  the time . Today was one of those days that I set about making a Horiatiki, but ended up with something else . Sweet Peppers , Salty feta ,  Juicy cherry tomatoes , crunchy cucumbers were quite a colorful and a tasty treat !

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Rice,Beans and Pico de gallo

One of the most simplest , hearty meals in my home and which we make often. I love making it because the veggies I use in this are raw . The marriage of the cooked ingredients and raw ingredients in this dish is undeniable .

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K’s Butternut squash Curry

Pumpkin is the soul of any celebratory meal that is laid out in a UP home , especially vegetarians. Normally served with pooris , this exquisite golden squash is a must for all celebrations be it a wedding or a small birthday or any other get- together .  Every UP bhaiyya’s ( as we fondly call them) home I have visited have served me kachoris or pooris with kaddu ki sabzi or aloo koda( pumpkin with potatoes) . K says Pumpkin is as synonymous to UP homes as eggplant is to Andhra Pradesh.

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