Ishya :-)

A sneak Peak of our little angel !

I have eyes only for my daddy !

15 Thoughts on “Ishya :-)

  1. Beautiful pics of little angel. Loved the name Ishya…:)

  2. Ishya is a lovely name!!! she is cute little angel :)

  3. What a lovely name and so cute:-).

  4. I love the 2nd picture, that expression as if she just found something – daddy? Ishya is a beautiful name.

  5. awww!! congratulations!!

  6. A very beautiful name for a cute little bundle of joy!!!

  7. thats a lovely name for a lovely girl :)

  8. Ishya..nice name..truly a pretty princess.Love the second pic..:)

  9. Ishya……….nice name……she’s cute dear.

  10. She’s adorable :)

  11. omg!!! adorable!

  12. Thank you all ! Indeed she is adorable ! :)

  13. She is truly an angel :D So, she is a daddy’s girl huh! ;)


  14. Bless her. Pls nazar utharo..

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