Daily Dump – Composting Products in India

Beautiful handcrafted  terracota home  composters for wet waste in India. Take a look and fall in love  !  Who wouldnt want these beauties ? I would be ready to do all the work in the garden just for these !  The website says they offer a demo .

Come , Fall in love !

Check out :http://www.dailydump.org/

Photo Source : Daaram , Hyderabad

6 Thoughts on “Daily Dump – Composting Products in India

  1. Gosh, you’re right. Who wouldn’t want one of these? I’d trade my aluminum monstrosity for one of these in a heartbeat.

  2. i have one of these…. i read about them online and got amma to carry mine from bangalore. its a joy to watch waste turn into compost…. not to mention after a few stinky hiccups!! but its totally worth it…. i’d recommend it to everyone.

  3. They look so cute :-) A very good way to attract Indians towards the concept of composting waste.

  4. Vaishali .. True .. Id do anything to have them at my place , unfortunate that I live in a concrete jungle.

    Arundati : Any idea how much it costs to set up one ?

    Mona : They do look cute and I thnk they did a wonderful job of presenting the old in a new way. I thnk we already do a lot of composting in our own way in India . I see my in laws atleast not wasting anything and just using stuff as manure in their vegetable garden.

  5. Wow! these are so much prettier and hassle free than my big green tumbleweed composter!

  6. Bharati Desai on September 26, 2012 at 4:26 am said:

    Hi I loved your Khamba…and want to have few for our school, at homenow and office use please let us know how to order..
    Gurukul Academy

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