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Paneer Pizza !

Life is hectic these days. If I catch eight hours of sleep , then its a great day. My day is scheduled with small breaks . I have to be constantly on the go to complete the tasks and daily chores , Face book is also a part of it :D . Yesterday was one of those days that K generously offered to make dinner . I am a “sit and eat at the table” kinda gal and its been a little more than 3 months since I sat at the table without being interrupted while eating. So with my little one tucked into bed earlier than usual, we finally had some time to ourselves , cook and eat without interruptions.

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Ishya :-)

A sneak Peak of our little angel !

I have eyes only for my daddy !

The Space between Us

Thrity Umrigar’s first book  left me enthralled at the Hyderabad airport. I was waiting to catch the flight back to where home is now . I had an option to spend between a sad cup of coffee for 100 bucks or this book. I opted for this book and I’m glad that last of the Indian currency that I had with me was not wasted.

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Creamy Tomato Soup

Soup is something I can have any time of the year , whatever the weather might be. Somehow , a huge pot of soup simmering on the stove , brings me a feeling of being cozy , warm and content . The past couple of months we have been living on home made soups ,although Ive had hardly any time to click pictures , but I must say Ive  tried quite a few soup and shorba recipes. I will post them as and when I try them again.

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Daily Dump – Composting Products in India

Beautiful handcrafted  terracota home  composters for wet waste in India. Take a look and fall in love  !  Who wouldnt want these beauties ? I would be ready to do all the work in the garden just for these !  The website says they offer a demo .

Come , Fall in love !

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