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Survival has been our key for the past year. We are slowly falling into a routine and hope that we get back to our normal lives soon. I have totally neglected my virtual space for the past year or so and trust me , there has not been a single day when I would get up and tell myself that ” Today I will blog” and the day flew by without me even thinking of opening up this page.  So much so I missed my beloved virtual space turning 2 in April , all the attention has been on our little one !

Not that there have not been times that I was having some free time to do what I enjoy doing the most ! Cooking and blogging !.. but my thoughts were completely elsewhere, a complicated pregnancy, moving homes , an unexpected trip back home , a midst of all this , a move to another state canceled after we packed up and sold all our stuff here ! Pure Chaos is what it was and I wonder how we did it together !

So here I come back and hope to keep it going . Here is a simple recipe for mango yogurt. I have stopped buying a lot of brands of yogurt after I realized that most contain gelatin . We have since started making them at home.

Mango Yogurt :


1 container of  Greek yogurt (16 0z)

pulp of 2 medium sized mangoes

1/3 cup whipped cream ( I used the cool whip brand , fat free)

1/3 cup sugar


Remove yogurt from container and place it in a couple of paper  towels or cheese cloth and keep it on a strainer and refrigerate it overnight or atleast for 6 hours , so that all the excess water is removed.

After the whey is removed , In a food processor , take the thick curds, mango pulp , sugar and whipped cream and pulse till all the ingredients mix well.

Serve chilled !

I had these chocolate tea cups so I served it in them , alternatively you can serve plain or you can serve with chocolate shavings .

This goes to Srivalli’s Mango Mela . Thanks Dear Srivalli  for accepting this late entry .

13 Thoughts on “Back to the Grind

  1. chocolate tea cups meaning those cups are pure choc? whoah! yummm

  2. Wow Mango yogurt looks heavenly!! Did you make these chocolate tea cups at home?

  3. Wow…loved the choc cups. Did u make these urself? And Mango yogurt…just mouthwatering! :)

  4. welcome.. mango yogurt looks delicious..

  5. Good to see you back, Dee. In my pre-vegan days I’d mix some mango pulp into yogurt for a snack– it was delicious. Love your presentation.

  6. It’s great to see you back. Sorry to hear about all of the chaos that’s been going on. I can definitely relate! Hope that things are better now with you. Mango yogurt looks phenomenal!! :)

  7. Ever since K had those choco cups at his cafetria he has been behind me to make them at home. I am like what!!!!???

    If I make that then I would put some cordon bleu ribbon and run around CA!!!!

    These looks absolute delish and now thats what I say “Back with a Bang!”

  8. I’m seeing a lot of greek yogurt in the blogosphere these days. Have to try it.

    DK, making these cups is quite easy than what you think. I have seen it in Food TV. It’s just melting chocolate, pouring it in a mould and chilling it for a couple of minutes in the fridge. For you, especially with so much patience baking all kinds of pastries, this is nothing.

  9. @ Parita , Sonu, DK Madhu.. I didnt make the cups, bought them in le gourmet chef. You find them in all shapes and sizes

    @ Vashaili, Kalai.. thanks .. Its great to be back and I hope to continue that is.. if my little one permits me :)

  10. Those chocolate cups are new to me. Making them at home might be a very a tedious and arduous task.
    Mango yogurt with whipped cream sounds fantastic!
    Lovely clicks.

  11. Yes Dee, I remember you mentioning it before.

  12. The yogurt looks yummy and the cups are really cute.If u find some time drop into my space.

  13. Mona , thats the reason I buy them :D

    Thanks Pari , I will surely visit your virtual space.

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