Sprouted Almond Milk and JFI Round Up

I love the fact that I can make it anytime I want, I always keep a stash of sprouted almonds in the refrigerator just to satiate myself whenever Im in need of this energy drink which is definitely a couple of times during the week. it works as a great snack for me… especially when I crave for that one cup of extra tea…which I have given up in the recent times.

Raw food enthusiasts make it only with sprouted almonds , but I like to add to some milk to it as I cannot simply cannot drink just a drink of raw almonds. Here is my very very late entry to JFI , I hope you guys dont mind!!

How to sprout Almonds

1. Take a handful of raw almonds and soak them in water in a ceramic container , its advisable to do the sprouting in small batches.

2. Keep changing the water in the container every 8 hrs for 2 days , the water becomes brown ,but thats just the color of the skin.

3. You have to peel the skin on top to see if the almonds have sprouted , you cannot see them from the outside . Once you see the sprouts remove and store in the refrigerator. They are good to store 4-5 days.

Sprouted Almonds Vs Raw Almonds


Ingredients :

4-5 raw spouted almonds with their skins peeled

A pinch of saffron/vanilla essence

Honey or sweetener of your choice


Take the almonds in a food processor , pulse until it becomes a past , add a cup of milk with the the sweetener and pulse until the ingredients mix well.

In a separate bowl take the pinch of saffron with a dash of milk, warm until the color of the saffron is imparted to the milk and mix with the almond drink.


This is a great energy drink and can be substituted for a snack!

JFI – Round up

Coming to the round up , here are the wonderful entries by all of you . Thanks dearies for sending me such interesting dishes to try . I have quite a few of these on my  ” to try” list. Thank you one and all for participating and also waiting patiently for the round up!

Here Is the link to the album

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12 thoughts on “Sprouted Almond Milk and JFI Round Up

  1. Bhagyashri says:

    I usually soak the almonds overnight and we have them with milk or just like that, but i had never heard of sprouted almonds! Thanks for sharing this…:)

  2. Alka says:

    Sprouted almonds ?sounds unique….but i simply drooled over the drink..anything with almond and kesar can’t go wrong…looks lovely

  3. Soma says:

    I had seen those in almonds once I had soaked and not used as I had planned. kept changing water whenver it got forry. didn’t ahve any clue that they were sprouts! Thanks for that.

  4. Pritya says:

    Oh wow! This is really innovative…sprouted almonds. I read the post more than once to be sure that it was really almonds you were sprouting! Cheers.

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