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Anita and Me

A beautiful story by Meera Syal , a story of a punjabi Indian family trying to make a living and uphold tradition and culture and imbibe¬† whatever little they can to their star , anita.¬† The novel takes us on a journey with a young 9 year old Meera , her color , her friends , her growing up in a mining village, west Midlands , england in a predominantly white community. She comes to worship Anita , her neighbor . The novel speaks about certain characters having strong racist attitudes . For me , her grandmother’s character was the most adorable. reminded me of mine.

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Avocado Rolls

Both of us cant resist buying an avocado every week, we love to use it in a koshimbir K makes which I will post soon. I started of using it in chapatis , then guacamole , then as a major ingredient in sandwiches and now these rolls. Quick and easy and always a pleasure to eat , they are common at the parties hosted by us for people who especially love fried food. I cant keep my hands off them and cant wait to finish them. So this was the last thing I made during my fried food phase and decided to end it once for all before I put on oodles of weight , because I wont stop eating just one.

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K’s Chole Poori

My amma is a health freak , so much so that she is anti fried food , I do not remember eating pooris in my house except for once , when I and my kiddo brother were bawling our lungs out for this beautiful flat bread.

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Basil Mania

I am going through a fried food and chocolate phase now. All I can think of is fritters and a yummilicious cup of chocolate. We were about to make the traditional jalapeno fritters ( mirchi bajji) and then I wanted to make something that fits into the event. So we googled about Basil fritters and realised they do exist!

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