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The Jugalbandits need no introduction in the blogging world. They dare to be different in every aspect , give their best shot in everything they do and most of all wonderful human beings. Their blog is a repository of knowledge . Recipes with clear cut instructions , alternate methods and what not to do in most cases. Sometimes when I visit their blog , I can hear bee giving me instructions step by step and clearing my doubts if any before I ask. Same goes with their photography essays. Do read them , it will definitely bring a change in your style of photography , they brought a change in mine.

Bri’s fundraiser proved how much goodwill they had amongst us fans and wellwishers ( I think most of us have surpassed the reader stage). In our eyes they are a classic example of ” Thinking out of the box” couple as K says and iconic to many of us fledglings. The more said , the less . So when the time came to choose a recipe for MBP- Less is more , naturally I turned to their data bank by default.

Sliced lotus root + Salt+ Oil +lemon juice + Garlic Powder = Baked Lotus Roots

Many a times , in order to present/modify a recipe I tend to add more stuff, to make it look more appealing , taste better and sometimes show off my culinary skills by naming the complex ingredients I use . Nupur’s theme this month was something of a reality check to my style of cooking which I left it somewhere down the lane and this recipe proves it to be right , yet again. I made two batches of it , but the time I put the second batch in the oven , I finished the first batch . They were so tasty. The only change I made to the recipe was to add my Mum’s Koora Kharam which is nothing but a medley of Chilli Powder and garlic powder which she sprinkles on a potato fry or okra fry.

Click here for the recipe

For the first time I was able to get fresh lotus root in the asian market , It was my lucky day since I was eying this recipe for about a year . I didnt want to use canned or frozen and hence the patient wait. It paid off tremendously.

Ingredients : ( Makes 2 batches)

2 6-8 inch lotus roots

3 tablespoons of oil

3 teaspoons of khoora kharam ( equal quantities of chili and garlic powder)

Salt to taste

Water and lemon juice for soaking the lotus root


Peel and slice the lotus root using a mandolin or knife into 1/8 inch strips

Soak them in water with lemon juice , I did it for about 5-7 minutes

Remove , pat dry and microwave by skewering them and place them on a microwave container and microwaving it on high for 2 minutes, alternatively one can do it by throwing them into boiling water for abt 4 minutes.

In a baking sheet , Bee says UNLINED , add the oil, lotus root , chili , garlic powder and salt and toss gently , As she says each sheet will exactly fit in about 25 -30 discs.

Bake in a preheated oven of 450 F for about 20 minutes , by flipping them once in between. Serve hot if they last until the time you remove and place them in the platter. Mine didnt :)

These go to the Lovely Nupur’s event MBP- Less is more , started by Coffee of The spice Cafe.

Thank you lovely ladies for hosting this wonderful event and thanks dear Bee for sharing with us , such a lovely recipe.

11 thoughts on “Baked Lotus Root Chips – MBP – Less is More

  1. nags says:

    i see these all the time in supermarkets here but refrain from buying cuz i had no idea of recipes or how to start off cookin g with them. will try this simple recipe next time 😉

  2. bee says:

    if i have to pick j’s fav dish fro our blog, it would be this one. probably mine too. thanks for the kind words.

  3. Siri says:

    I agree with you Dee, B&J are THE dynamic duo in the blogging world..:) and what they have done for Bri is commendable and heart warming..:)the baked lotus roots looks yummo..:) Lovely pic.


  4. Bharti says:

    Oh..that looks so great! Yes I agree, this theme was just wonderful and me realize too, that great dishes can be made with just a handful of ingredients.

  5. Madhuram says:

    Where can I find lotus root Dee? WH? I didn’t even know that they were available in cans and frozen. I think I saw fresh lotus root in Subzi Mandi in NJ. Wish I had known this recipe then!

  6. DK says:

    I have made these months before with little different seasoning and cant wait to try more. They r simply amazing – and +1 to ur thoughts about the Jugalbandits.!

  7. Vaishali says:

    What a simple and lovely recipe, Dee. I’ve never tried lotus root before but you can be sure I will be looking out for it on my next visit to the Indian grocery store.

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