Herb Mania – Mint Round Up

When I started this event , I was skeptical , if I would receive any entries. I knew I could coax and threaten a few friends here and there but I wasn’t sure. I am really glad that I announced this event. Look at the entries , who would want to miss such an array of dishes , surely not me! Many thanks to all the participants!

Click on the Mint picture to see the Gallery of Pictures for Herb Mania – Mint

My Entries for the event are

Looking forward to see your entries for Herb Mania – Basil

Going forward the hosts for Herb Mania are

15th Sept ’08 to 15’th Oct ’08 – Siri of Siri’s Corner

15th Oct ’08 to 15th Nov ’08 – Lakshmi of The “Yum” Blog

If you are interested in hosting , drop me a line.

19 thoughts on “Herb Mania – Mint Round Up

  1. sunita says:

    Beautiful round up of equally beautiful recipes… sorry,couldn’t send you any…but, you will receive something basily very soon :-)

  2. Hetal` says:

    Hi thats a wonderful round up….Hey I think you forgot to mention my entry,I had mailed you my entry,please look into it.

  3. Divya says:

    Great round up..but my entry has got lost!!!I can see it in the gallery and it is named – Lemon Mint Cooler-Ramya Cooks,and some other entry is posted under Easy cooking!!

  4. Mansi says:

    A fab roundup indeed Dee! its often challenging to center a dish around a herb, so will be fun to see what people come up with!:)

  5. Priya says:

    I very recently started using mint again, I somehow had this idea that the flavor wasn’t right for me :)) The recipe line-up here is filled with many must-try’s. Thank you Dee:)

  6. Meeta says:

    I seem to be missing this event. Sorry – i can be such a dork. Now as I have outed myself – may I ask when is Basil mania due?

  7. Dee says:

    @Srimathy , RC , Priya Id be happy if you can participate in this month’s event.
    @ Meeta , the basil mania ends August 15th ’08. Looking forward to your entry.

  8. kalva says:

    fabulous roundup.. Just one concern, My recipe link is not working..
    For the “Spicy Whole Wheat Noodles and Stir fry – Indo Chinese style ” the recipe link is “http://curryinkadai.blogspot.com/2008/07/spicy-whole-wheat-noodles-and-vegetable.html” . Please do correct it dear…

  9. veda says:

    fantastic round up! somehow i keep forgeting to check events,….Will surely try and participate in the next event!!!keep it up

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