Herb Mania – Mint Round Up

When I started this event , I was skeptical , if I would receive any entries. I knew I could coax and threaten a few friends here and there but I wasn’t sure. I am really glad that I announced this event. Look at the entries , who would want to miss such an array of dishes , surely not me! Many thanks to all the participants!

Click on the Mint picture to see the Gallery of Pictures for Herb Mania – Mint

My Entries for the event are

Looking forward to see your entries for Herb Mania – Basil

Going forward the hosts for Herb Mania are

15th Sept ’08 to 15′th Oct ’08 – Siri of Siri’s Corner

15th Oct ’08 to 15th Nov ’08 – Lakshmi of The “Yum” Blog

If you are interested in hosting , drop me a line.

19 Thoughts on “Herb Mania – Mint Round Up

  1. Beautiful round up of equally beautiful recipes… sorry,couldn’t send you any…but, you will receive something basily very soon :-)

  2. Hi,

    I just forgot to send you my post for mint.I am so sorry. But you have had a good event.Thank you.

  3. Hi thats a wonderful round up….Hey I think you forgot to mention my entry,I had mailed you my entry,please look into it.

  4. Lovely Roundup Dee. was very busy from past couple of weeks, u know y.. so had to miss this..


  5. Great round up..but my entry has got lost!!!I can see it in the gallery and it is named – Lemon Mint Cooler-Ramya Cooks,and some other entry is posted under Easy cooking!!

  6. Ramya Changed it … Apologies for the goof up!

  7. Awesome roundup and the array of goodies look great. Sorry, I was not able to contribute this time. But will do my best for the next event.

  8. Great dishes with mint, lovely round up!

  9. Wow…this is an impressive list and simply great recipes.Lovely round up.

  10. Neat roundup…great job

  11. A fab roundup indeed Dee! its often challenging to center a dish around a herb, so will be fun to see what people come up with!:)

  12. I very recently started using mint again, I somehow had this idea that the flavor wasn’t right for me :) ) The recipe line-up here is filled with many must-try’s. Thank you Dee:)

  13. I seem to be missing this event. Sorry – i can be such a dork. Now as I have outed myself – may I ask when is Basil mania due?

  14. Great round-up Dee…visiting your blog after a long time…loved the paneer-mint tikkis…..

  15. @Srimathy , RC , Priya Id be happy if you can participate in this month’s event.
    @ Meeta , the basil mania ends August 15th ’08. Looking forward to your entry.

  16. Lovely round up Dee! I am looking forward to Basil-Mania as well.

  17. Hi,
    fabulous roundup.. Just one concern, My recipe link is not working..
    For the “Spicy Whole Wheat Noodles and Stir fry – Indo Chinese style ” the recipe link is “http://curryinkadai.blogspot.com/2008/07/spicy-whole-wheat-noodles-and-vegetable.html” . Please do correct it dear…

  18. how did i miss this one!!! thank u Dee for being such a gracious hostess. :)

  19. fantastic round up! somehow i keep forgeting to check events,….Will surely try and participate in the next event!!!keep it up

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