Anouncing Herb Mania – Basil

A sunny plant from India , commonly grown in Asia and Africa for 4000 years. It was an important herb used only for medicinal purposes in the 16th century in europe , but became the most important and one of the best culinary herbs in the 17th century. Basil is the easiest herb to grow and thankfully mine is still surviving after being with me :).

It is taken medicinally for cold, chills , cough and flu and also to ease digestion. It is very easy to grow and requires full sun and a moderate amount of water.

Basil tastes best , when the leaves are torn orpounded with oil rather than chopping. The leaves have a warm spicy aroma. It tastes best with tomatoes and bell peppers and also forms the base for an italian pesto.

They say that the warm pepperiness tastes excellent with bittersweet chocolate.

Herb mania - basil

If you cannot get sweet basil use any other type of basil like holy basil(tulsi). So ladies and gentlemen , get out your pots and pans and dish up new, exciting healthy dishes with the herb of this month , basil.

The rules of the event are simple :

Use the Herb of the month in any form , fresh or dried , extracts in any dish which is Vegan or Vegetarian . I will not be posting anything which is not vegan or vegetarian as this is a vegetarian blog. All that I ask is the flavors of that particular herb be prominent and the dish be healthy. It need not be only Indian. Multiple entries are more than welcome.

In case its from your garden or you know a lot about it, I would love to hear from you. Your experience while growing it, tips to grow, medicinal properties, home remedies, storing procedures and anything that you know and want to share.

Post the recipe on your blog and if you could, post the picture also by 15th of every month. Link it back to this post. . I will post the round up in the week after the event is concluded.

Old entries will be only accepted if they are reposted for this particular event.The last date for entries will be 15th of the next month.

Email me your name, name of your blog , name of the recipe ,the picture width 250px, height doesnt matter.

Send the permalink of your recipe/pic to ammaluskitchen(at)gmail(dot)com with Herb Mania – Herb of the month as subject.

If you do not have a blog, send me your name, name of the recipe and a picture and I will post it.

Going forward , I would like to make this event available for others to host , so if you are interested in hosting, please drop in a line at ammaluskitchen(at)gmail(dot)com and I will respond to you at the earliest.

I will post the round up of Herb Mania – Mint early next week. Have a fun filled weekend!!

24 thoughts on “Anouncing Herb Mania – Basil

  1. Siri says:

    I had hummus sandwich today with basil and tomato! it was yumm 😉 nice choice Dee..will try to make sumthing..


  2. DK says:

    I have been meaning to send something every time and kept missing it ( only god knows why!) – this time I have to send u something – otherwise will not forgive myself :-) Good choice Dee :) Need to catch up with u too –

  3. Dee says:

    Hmm.. bee , maybe telepathy ?? :)

    DK , lady I know you are busy with work and blogging everyday :) take your time . I hope to definitely participate in the italian event this time .

    @ Siri, Mahi, Sri .. I am looking forward to see your entries :)

  4. Hitashi says:

    I love your blog and herb mania contest. Will definitely participate. I am a new food blogger, but been a foodie for long.
    Good Going!

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