Pudina Paneer Tikkis

Last week, everyday I forgot to get my wife what she asked for. I would come home empty handed to Dee who would open the door, expecting a bunch of mint…and there I would stand my laptop case in hand, and sorry about my amnesia. So sunday afternoon both of us went hunting for mint. Not in the Asian Market..couldnt find it in Safeway or the walmart neighbourhood….looked for it in every aisle in fry’s. I was about to give up, but Dee, determined as she is, got the lady in the produce section to find out a small box of it.

Guess what….with Paneer at home, I remembered these simple, easy to make and awesome tikkis I had once in a seaside resort back in Chennai. With a weekend full of work, I wanted to compensate for Dee’s cooking during the weekend with this nice Pudina Paneer tikkis served piping hot with sweet’n’sour Date & Tamarind chutney and volunteered to post it too.


1 cup crumbled paneer

2 tablespoons corn flour

2 tablespoons chopped mint

1 green chilli finely chopped

1 teaspoon chat masala or garam masala (optional)

Salt according to one’s taste


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl , keep wetting your hands to roll the paneer into rounds and flatten them like tikkis. Its important to wet your hands, otherwise its difficult to make the tikkis

Heat a tawa and add a tablespoon of oil and pan fry the tikkis until brown on both sides.

These can crumble , so handle with care ! Serve immediately and enjoy them with sweet and sour tamarind chutney or green chutney!

Pudina Paneer Tikki

This goes to Herb Mania – Mint . Last day for entries is tomorrow .

– K

25 thoughts on “Pudina Paneer Tikkis

  1. Roma says:

    Nice tikki!

    I had a different kind of problem. I would get pudina and let it dry up, then buy another bunch of leaves and forget about it. Finally by the time I actually made the Pudina Gatte I had thrown away 2 bunches of leaves and was using the third one!

  2. indosungod says:

    K, those tikkis look beautiful. Dee I bet they tasted doubly tasty.

    You just had to stop at my house, I am tearing my hair out wondering how to get rid of the mint growing all over :)

    Dee, I have another recipe with Kollu posted a few days ago. Take a look.

  3. Dee says:

    Thank you all for your encouraging words on my first post. I look forward to posting more of these delicious yummies from my recipe collection.


  4. bee says:

    btw, stick mint in a pot (never in the ground), and every winter it will die down, but it scatters so many seeds, that it will grow back like crazy. it is invasive so don’t plant it in the ground. but in a pot, plant it once, and you will never run out of mint.


  5. Dee says:

    Yes bee, we do, just let us know how many u want :) and yes we did stick the mint into a pot last week , lets see if we are lucky .. thanks for the tip.

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