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Click ~ Iced Vanilla Coffee

This is my entry for Click – Coffee& Tea , A monthly photography contest conceptualized by the jugalbandits , bee and Jai .

This delicious creamy iced coffee is a great treat , especially on a warm day.

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Last month was the first time I joined this book club which chooses extraordinary books for us to read and post a recipe inspired the book. The book chosen to read was : Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K Jerome. A classic story which starts with a serious note about 3 men , the narrator and his 3 friends , who think they have various illnesses decide that they are overloaded with work and decide to take a holiday. They first thinkof going into the sea and then settle on the river Thames thinking its going to be easy on them . The story goes on from here about how they embark the journey and the incidents occurring , thus turning it into a humorous piece of work. A typical set of Englishmen who love their tarts , jams etc

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Baked Lotus Root Chips – MBP – Less is More

The Jugalbandits need no introduction in the blogging world. They dare to be different in every aspect , give their best shot in everything they do and most of all wonderful human beings. Their blog is a repository of knowledge . Recipes with clear cut instructions , alternate methods and what not to do in most cases. Sometimes when I visit their blog , I can hear bee giving me instructions step by step and clearing my doubts if any before I ask. Same goes with their photography essays. Do read them , it will definitely bring a change in your style of photography , they brought a change in mine.

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My 100th Post and a childhood favorite

As much as I love sambhar , being an Andhrite I don’t think any savory south Indian breakfast/tiffin is complete without ginger chutney and Kharapu podi.Well, to be honest , sambhar was made when my mum was in a hurry and always eaten with rice. It was always Kharapu podi and ginger chutney with Idlis/pesarattu and dosa all drizzled with ghee unless we were eating breakfast in a restaurant which was rare. But once I got a the taste of the quintessential sambhar , there was no looking back, The kharapu podi and allam pachadi , was moved to the attic of my mind and stored as a memory. My mum makes an awesome allam pachadi and kharapu podi… I dont think anyone can beat her when it comes to this… and she is very proud of this one thing and can lure my dad to get her anything that she wants by making them for him.

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Orange , Date and Almond Salad

Today was one of those days when I desperately wanted to be alone, no gossiping on the phone , no cooking . I have one exam to complete my course and I have zero motivation to study… I take out the book , do a problem and I yawn and almost fall asleep. Now this is getting a little overboard and yet again I decided to take a break after doing that one problem and

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