Tofu Tales

A couple of years ago , if anyone talked about eating tofu , I would wrinkle my nose in distaste and swear that I wouldn’t eat it for anything in the world. Today , I relish it so much that its a part of my meal almost everyday.

I starting being conscious about what goes into me only a few years ago , Otherwise I was a walking talking junk machine. Living away from home , drinking large amounts of coffee to keep me going until dinner , sometimes eating just one a day ahhggg… . the average ambitious woman deftly climbing the corporate ladder , getting deeper into the rut and forgetting there is a life and more important things beyond work .I cant believe how I ill-treated my body. I changed my ways and make it a point to detox myself atleast once in 2-3 months , eat healthy , mostly natural food. Tofu then came into my life and became my best buddy . I am always finding new ways to eat it and here are such recipes that I thoroughly enjoy.


    • 1 block of tofu
      1 cup of corn kernels, peas , sweet peppers
      1/2 cup of finely chopped onions
      1 teaspoon of chat masala
      Chili powder/black pepper
      A pinch of black salt
      Oil and salt to taste

      For the parathas

  • For the stuffing:

    2 cups of wheat flour kneaded into dough for parathas


1. Place the tofu on absorbent paper towels and press excess water out of it and crumble it.
2. In a skillet add Oil and saute the onions and the mixed vegetables . Once cooked , add the crumbled tofu and add the chat masala, chili powder or black pepper and black salt and cook only until the raw smell of the masala goes away . Do not overcook. Remove from heat and cool.
3. In a separate bowl mix the wheat dough for parathas and keep aside at least for 1/2 hour.
4. Take of a golf ball sized dough and roll it out in a round , place the stuffing in the middle , pack it and get all the sides closer on top of the stuffing like a ball . Roll slowly on all sides without tearing the dough.
5. Heat a tawa , add some ghee and cook on both sides until done.

Update: One of  my readers has written to me that they found it a little difficult to make the parathas as the tofu doesn’t have a binding agent. yes , its a little tricky to work with it as its crumbly , therefore add a small boiled potato to the mixture , it will help you work well and bind it together.

Tofu Paratha1

If you want to eat the above mixture as a salad, dont crumble the tofu , instead cut into cubes and saute it for a few seconds. I promise you wont regret your meal!

tofu paratha2

This goes to the lovely srivalli’s roti mela

The remaining goes into a tofu sandwich, great for on the go breakfast or lunch!

tofu sandwich

16 Thoughts on “Tofu Tales

  1. I too have fallen in love with tofu…those parathas look awesome :-)

  2. the parathas look swell Dee! nice way to ease into the tofu series! I stick to malaysian and thai food where tofu is concerned though:)

  3. Those parathas look yummmmy … I havent tried tofu yet, hmmm ur parathas might make me try it :)

  4. You can send the sandwiches to Mansi’s Healthy food event! I like Tofu, it’s the soya chunks that I choke on!:D

    Both look great Dee. Check your mail, sent you a Minty one!:)

  5. I absolutely love Tofu… I find it a better substitution to our usual Paneer! all the pics look gorgeous Dee! esp the Parathas.. Yumm!


  6. WOW…. Nice set of tofu recipe. Looks great. All the pictures are so tempting. Sounds healthy too. YUM!

  7. Hmm one clever meal… Like to use tofu in Indian cooking!!

  8. Beautiful pictures! In fact I am still one of those whose nose wrinkles at the thought of Tofu. No matter how much I make up my mind, I still make myself to eat it. Please tell me that it tastes like paneer and that there is no weired taste to it :-)

  9. RC, there is no definite taste and it doesnt taste like paneer :D , I spice it up nicely with chat masala , so its manageable for me , though I still kinda puke sometimes when I eat the boca patties … Hope you are feel better pal!! cheer up!!!

  10. @mansi , I am sick and tired of stirfries and soups that K makes at home.. I thought I should make these , cos according to my dietician , Im supposed to eat protein everyday… so I decided to incorporate in an Indian meal.
    @ Kalva, sukanya,sunita , siri, skribles thanks for the kind compliments. I have started to consider tofu as my best buddy so I am with you guys and yep the dishes were really wholesome and tasty !

    Ashakka, will do that , saw your mail , will send you the logo soon ! thanks a ton for taking the time to participate before your break!! Hugs :)

  11. you’ll run from the tofu we get here in india. it stinks!!! i am not kidding. the imported silken tofu is bearable and quite nice when blended though.

  12. Those parathas look yummy!

  13. It’s a first I’ve seen tofu in parathas! Looks delicious and very healthy too.

  14. Wonderful tofu paratha Dee. I also make tofu parathas quite often by grating it, sauteeing it with grated radish, garam masala and salt and stuff the mixture in the dough. I will try this method also Dee. It looks very colorful.

  15. You made me love tofu with ur words and the pictures…Nice recipe

  16. Anupama on July 30, 2008 at 12:52 pm said:

    This is a wonderful recipe!! Kishore will absolutely love this. He loves tofu, so I’ll definetely try this.
    Its been a long time since I visited your blog.
    Good job really!

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