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My thoughts and prayers are always with you Bri. We are glad that the contributions have come faster than expected. I send this wonderful Lemon and Honey Tart to Jugalbandi and pray for your well being. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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Nupur’s Laadi Pav and Pav Bhaji

I dread making breads , somehow , I am judgmental about myself when it comes to breads, I simply cant picture myself doing it or believing I can do it. I almost settled on this before I blew out some air , decided to risk my day in the kitchen and took up the challenge and thankfully succeeded in making Nupur’s Laadi Paav. I am happy that I tried . It has been an icebreaker for me .

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A Minty Affair

Our car broke down yesterday and we couldn’t go grocery shopping. For the first time in my life , I was challenged to make a decent meal as there were hardly any vegetables in the refrigerator , I am one of those kinds who stocks up the pantry and refrigerator enough for an army. Neither of us were in a mood to cook something elaborate after spending an hour in the phoenix summer but had enough enthusiasm to take pictures , lest the dish I made turned out interesting :D . So I decided to make a simple pachadi apart from some garlic rasam and yogurt. A great one for a binge day !

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Tofu Tales

A couple of years ago , if anyone talked about eating tofu , I would wrinkle my nose in distaste and swear that I wouldn’t eat it for anything in the world. Today , I relish it so much that its a part of my meal almost everyday.

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Sunita’s Cherry and Nut Cake

Baking is an art. It requires high levels of concentration , precise measurements, mixing the ingredients in a manner that is required for the dish, baking at the right temperatures…. the list is endless. I admire all those wonderful bakers in the blogosphere . I am not cut out, rather not patient enough to bake more often. I just dabble here and there and then there have been so many disasters that I am jittery when i think of baking. My recent obsession is Sunita’s Blog , I go through these phases where I read one’s blog from the first post to the last , A while ago it was her blog.I am always looking for inspiration and ways to improve myself as a cook and also experiment at the same time adding new recipes to my journal. Sometimes , I do need that push from someone to tell me that I can do it , I left a comment on her site about me being jittery and she said that I will get over it , well I thought it was time. Thanks sunita for that encouraging comment , at least I am trying and succeeded this time.

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