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Mexican Tea (Ponche)

Oops.. this event almost slipped out of mind…. I had to do this post after trying to photograph a muddy brown liquid for hours together.. until i got a decent picture… more than anything else , for Dear DK …. I live in a place where I get to eat mexican cuisine more than anything else… but when I saw most recipes posted by a lot of my dear fellow bloggers… I decided to go with this beverage , great for a hot day!

This goes to A.W.E.D Mexico, an event hosted by dear DK of Culinary Bazaar


1 large teabag (orange pekoe tea)

8 cups of water

1-1/2 cups sugar

2 cups pineapple juice

1 cup orange juice

1/3 cup fresh lime juice

1/4 cup fresh lemon juice


Pour 2 cups of boiling water over the teabag, and steep for 10 minutes. Remove the teabag, and add the sugar, stirring to dissolve. Add enough water to make 2 quarts of tea (approximately 6 cups more).

Add all the ingredients. Garnish with some orange wedges and mint and serve chill!


14 Thoughts on “Mexican Tea (Ponche)

  1. Looks good, like a tea cocktail!:)

  2. wow!!this sounds wonderful and tempting…::)

  3. the ‘muddy brown liquid’ looks comforting Dee. great and different Mexican entry.. :D


  4. Good one Dee. It looks so delicious.

  5. The so-called muddy liquid looks great….

  6. I want that tea now! Looks so refreshing and tempting, dee!

  7. OMG! This one luks right out of a mag cover! You havent started photography for Mag part time did you? I love this! and I jus need one right now..its so hot in here!

    Thanks for sending me this for the event..and No its never too late to get entries from dear friends :)

  8. Lovely photo – never had this and i’m always looking for different tea recipes – thanks! great entry!

  9. the fruity tea seems nice and quenching…..pic is adorable

  10. Hi Dee…
    Ur tea looks so cool. This sounds so new, fruity tea!…Looks so tempting. Loved the presentation. .. Nice try…

  11. this looks so refreshing….and tempting tooo!!!!

  12. cool! must’ve tasted great Dee!:)

  13. C’mon, you call that a muddy drink? Looks classy.

  14. Did you change the picture? I remember seeing something else before. This looks perfect, excellent, like DK has mentioned magazine cover perfect.

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