Announcing AFAM- Raspberry

I have always been fascinated by berries. Their color , names everything is fascinating. Like there is no straw in strawberry and though black berries and raspberries look the same ( except for the color) , why dont we call black berries , black raspberries ?? Oops, I forgot , there are black raspberries! Then there are the exotic ones from Brazil , Acai and Gooji , here the name itself is exotic.

Though I’m not much worried about the nutritional side of them, but yes the berries do have great anti oxidant properties. Normally, I make a smoothie, cut and mix ‘em in my cereal, cook them or just use them in a fondue. However, the most I have gone is to use raspberries in a tiramisu. The recipe was from Meeta’s Blog.

With berries running in my mind, I decided to host this fruit party with recipes made of raspberries!! All of you are invited!! Come Join the party and make this an event to remember!!!

A Fruit A Month is a monthly event started by Maheshwari of Beyond the Usual. Thank you Maheshwari for giving me the opportunity to host this wonderful event. Last month’s host was Margot of Coffee and Vanilla

1.You have to come up with a recipe with raspberries in any form fresh or dried. I would appreciate if its a healthier version!!

2.Post the recipe on your blog and if you could post the picture also by 30th of May ‘2008. Link it back to this post and please feel free to use the logo . I will post the round up in the 1st week of June’2008

3.If you can, write more info about the fruit.

4.Email me your name, name of your blog , name of the recipe ,the picture sized to 100 X100 pixels ,permalink of your recipe/pic to ammaluskitchen(at)gmail(dot)com with AFAM -Raspberries as the subject.

4. If you do not have a blog, send me your name, name of the recipe and a picture and I will post it.

Hoping to see more of you joining and spread the word about AFAM around the Blogworld.

Our small indulgence – Raspberries and whipped cream in chocolate shells
Update : I have received quite a few comments about raspberries not being available in India, hence substitue. Srivalli and Arundathi have done the research on berries in wiki which says “ In botany, the berry is the most common type of simple fleshy fruit in which the entire ovary wall ripens into an edible pericarp. The flowers of these plants have a superior ovary and one or more carpels within a thin covering and fleshy interiors. The seeds are embedded in the common flesh of the ovary. Examples of botanical berries include the tomato, grape, lychee, loquat, lucuma, plantain, avocado, persimmon, eggplant, guava, uchuva (ground cherry), and chili pepper”
So for my dear fellow bloggers from India , who cannot get raspberries fresh or dried , jams, extracts, syrup please use chilli pepper instead and make this party a success!!!

35 thoughts on “Announcing AFAM- Raspberry

  1. Tee says:

    Nice pick! This is one berry that doesn’t get the praise it deserves in my house…i think i should try again :)

  2. Mansi says:

    This is my favourite kind of berry! I just blogged about Raspberry lassi 3 days ago! can I still send it in??:) PS: love those chocolate shells!

    Hey Mansi , Id appreciate if you can repost it for this event. :)

  3. Namratha says:

    It was only this morning that I was looking on Google for this month’s AFAM :) Glad its raspberries, they are my favourite! And the chocolate cups, delish!

  4. Raaga says:

    After continuously participating in AFAM and finally hosting it in March, I have continuously missed 2 AFAM events. Not because of time or anything else, kumquats and raspberries are simply not available in India. I’ll have to pass this one. Good luck :-)

  5. arundathi says:

    Srivalli and Raaga – You do get dried raspberries in India – they are available in most “exotic” grocery stores (like Nuts & Spices) or “foreign” grocery stores (like Amma Naana).

  6. Meeta says:

    This is a fab choice Dee. Wasn’t that tiramisu sensational? I hope I finally manage to take part in AFAM – I have been wanting to since Sig’s Lychee event!! If only the day had 72 hours!!

  7. Shubha says:

    Hey dee, to tell u the truth i have never eaten rasberries an to tell u another one.. i will be eating them soon thanx to u…. Lovely event.. will surely try to come up with something nice…:)

  8. Sophie says:

    This looks gorgeous. The berries are the perfect color! Congrats on the award below, you deserve it :). I’ll be coming back here again soon :D.

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