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Your Recipe Rocks – Sailu’s Sabudana Khichdi

K’s mother and my mother have been born and have spent their formative years in Maharashtra. Hence, there is definitely a maharashtrian influence in their cooking. I learnt some , if not all of my cooking from them and it resurfaces in our kitchen once in a while and mostly when K is in charge and I’m his sous chef .
Our love for Shingdane ki chutney , kokum dal , koshimbir and sabudana khichdi cannot be expressed, It takes us down the memory lane and reminds us of our childhood days when our mothers sometimes treated us with simple , soul satisfying dishes , laced with the exotic maharashtrian spices .

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Friday Finds and Awards

After a disastrous week , I found some solace after some surprise awards and some great finds and came back home , a happy person.

I had to drive about 48 miles one way to get these… but what is more pleasurable than eating Indian mangoes ?? I found these lovely sweet kesar mangoes , it cost me a small fortune for a dozen , adding to the fuel prices… but the experience was well worth the price .

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The Mango Season

When I ate it the first time, it sent my senses tingling. The taste buds on my tongue burst with happiness and joy ! I remember playing an important part of the making process, “the official taster” and that too with huge dollops of home made butter ( venna/makkhan). I have very fond memories of it. Amma always used it as treat to lure me to eat my beans and veggies. There were days when I would throw a tantrum and not eat even though I was hungry, just to eat it.

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Ashwini’s Cold Cucumber Soup and Spicy Bean Salad

Today was a long day . K and I were just running around to complete our weekly chores and helping a friend set up their new barbecue grill . The weather was sweltering hot and I staggered home with a splitting headache. I was adamant about not eating out. Dear K, made a good cuppa masala chai and I set to do the magic in my kitchen with a recipe from Ashwini of Food for Thought. Her blog has always been a sight to visit. Crisp writing and clean , simple pictures. I decided to kill two birds in one shot by sending this to MBP and also Your recipe rocks. I made a couple of changes to our liking and the result was a blast!

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Mexican Tea (Ponche)

Oops.. this event almost slipped out of mind…. I had to do this post after trying to photograph a muddy brown liquid for hours together.. until i got a decent picture… more than anything else , for Dear DK …. I live in a place where I get to eat mexican cuisine more than anything else… but when I saw most recipes posted by a lot of my dear fellow bloggers… I decided to go with this beverage , great for a hot day!

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