Jugalbandi’s Takkali Saadam-MBP

After the Kisses gone , great time with my family , some nostalgia , I’m trying to get back to the routine. I have been hitting the bed by 6pm everyday !! Call it jet lag or whatever…

I suddenly remembered that I was aiming to be a part of a few events on the blogosphere and I really did have to drag myself out of the bed , wishing vatsala( my beloved help when i was in India ) was around. I miss her the most , apart from the immediate family .Did I tell you we used sign language for about 2 years until K came along and he could converse in Tamil with her? That was something to rejoice about my choice in those days. Vats ,as I used to call her would cook for me ,once in a while, that would be my bonus day , especially on a cold rainy day , a hot cuppa chai and hot takkali sadam with lots of ghee and a cup of curd as soon as I come back from work !! I almost forgot about it until I stumbled upon the recipe in jugalbandi and since then has been recreated in our kitchen a zillion times and I never get tired of it.

Click here for the recipe. Thank you Bee N Jai for the recipe. we love it!!

The only change I made was to use a teaspoon of ghee with the sesame oil for the tadka/popu

This goes to MBP – One Pot wonders hosted by Pavani of Cook’s Hideout this month, the brain child of coffee of The Spice Cafe

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