My Blog is Yummy!!

Lost in my own world, I was never a social butterfly. True to my Gemini self, I would be rushing for the exit when my name was called out. However 3 days back, I was pleasantly surprised and honored when I received an email from Dear Madhuram about this surprise on her blog, Thank you Madhu for making my day special. You truly are one of the few friends I have found in the blogosphere.

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Jhiva for Love

I entered her world and became the brightest star in her universe. Tears, laughter, anger and amusement were a few of the expressions I would bring to her. All that she could see and think was me, loving me a little more as each day passed. She taught me to give unconditional love without expecting anything. Humility, Charity and Gratitude are few qualities she instilled in me while teaching me to be a better human everyday. Most importantly, she taught me the importance of failures in life and resilience to bounce back, taking bigger strides to move ahead. Always a part of her dreams, I carry forward her hopes and aspirations.

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Jugalbandi’s Takkali Saadam-MBP

After the Kisses gone , great time with my family , some nostalgia , I’m trying to get back to the routine. I have been hitting the bed by 6pm everyday !! Call it jet lag or whatever…

I suddenly remembered that I was aiming to be a part of a few events on the blogosphere and I really did have to drag myself out of the bed , wishing vatsala( my beloved help when i was in India ) was around. I miss her the most , apart from the immediate family .Did I tell you we used sign language for about 2 years until K came along and he could converse in Tamil with her? That was something to rejoice about my choice in those days. Vats ,as I used to call her would cook for me ,once in a while, that would be my bonus day , especially on a cold rainy day , a hot cuppa chai and hot takkali sadam with lots of ghee and a cup of curd as soon as I come back from work !! I almost forgot about it until I stumbled upon the recipe in jugalbandi and since then has been recreated in our kitchen a zillion times and I never get tired of it.

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Kelapura- Banana Coconut Pancakes

I have been reading the Savoring Series of books from William Sonoma and the desserts series is a gastronomic experience with over 125 recipes from various international award winning cook books

Savoring Deserts has a eye catching , mouth watering photographs and clear instructions. It contains recipes from all over the world and I plan to try quite a few of them, especially the french desserts.

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