Meeta’s Masala Chai

Summers are excruciatingly painful (metaphorically speaking)and depressing for me in the desert. The days seem to be long and never ending , sometimes the sun doesn’t set until 8pm in the evening. Compact disks left in the car for a long time burn and become mushy . But for the 4 months of heat , Arizona is a beautiful place to live in. The weather is more or less similar to Delhi and Hyderabad . Come Summer, Chai will be a rarity in my house during the evenings.

I have been on and off from the blogosphere due to various reasons and just discovered that Sig is holding MBP -Drinks , an event started by Coffee. Thanks to Taste of India , I visited Soumya and saw that Sig extended the deadline.

I decide to post the lovely Meeta’s Masala Chai masala Chai .which is a regular at my home. She is truly inspirational with her unique recipes and eye catching photography.

I hate all store bought Chai Masalas with a passion and think there are too many ingredients involved to make it at home ( Read it as ” I’m too lazy”:D). This simple yet tantalizing masala chai refreshes and energizes me after a hard day’s work!!


Click for the recipe Here

14 Thoughts on “Meeta’s Masala Chai

  1. Looks so refreshing. Nice entry.

  2. Nice One..Chai looks perfect..This picture is really an eye-catching one.

  3. Nice post.I love the glass thats so contemporary and handle is so cute.

  4. That looks really prety Dee, nice background and presentation, but NOTHING comes close to that eclectic mug!! awesome girl:)

  5. Dee, so glad you liked the chai. I always feel exceptionally flattered when people make my recipes. Cheers from me to you!

  6. lovely pic Dee… i am not a tea-lover but the pic just caught my full attention :D

  7. Nice tea cup and the phoo. im not tea lover

  8. Thankyou guys!! for the compliments, I was so tired that I randomly took the shot and it came out beautifully.I wasnt a tea lover either until I got married to one!

    Meeta: Thank you for visiting. U have a great site and you are truly inspirational!!!

  9. that picture is too good…nice entry
    thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comments..

  10. Thanks Dee for this awesome drink… I love that picture, the background is really vibrant… and it is the cutest tea cup I’ve ever seen! :)

  11. I can smell the chai :) My hubby loves chai will surprise him with this masala chai in the evening..Thanks

  12. That’s a lovely cup Dee, nice entry!

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  14. What a stunning picture – your chai looks delectable. And you have a much nicer glass than the ones I use for chai, look:

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