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Click- Metal

When someone talks photography , it goes over my head.. I really don’t understand the nuances of this art!! K is slightly better than me, he at least clicks decent pictures of those other than me!

So what did I do about it?? Pestered Bee for suggestions for a while, read most of her photo essays, read a coupla books and so I have been able to at least take baby steps towards my goal of taking decent pictures. Thank you Bee!

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Meeta’s Masala Chai

Summers are excruciatingly painful (metaphorically speaking)and depressing for me in the desert. The days seem to be long and never ending , sometimes the sun doesn’t set until 8pm in the evening. Compact disks left in the car for a long time burn and become mushy . But for the 4 months of heat , Arizona is a beautiful place to live in. The weather is more or less similar to Delhi and Hyderabad . Come Summer, Chai will be a rarity in my house during the evenings.

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Kohlrabi Poriyal

Kohlrabi or knol- kohl as it is commonly called in India is quite similar to turnips. More about this fleshy vegetable here

Impulsive buyer that I am, I bought them on a whim from the farmer’s market which happens in a mall close by and I only knew how to make sambhar /kootu with this green vegetable and my dear K , hates all kinds of sambhars and rasams with a passion and I cannot do without either.He goes to the extent of shamelessly telling our close friends who invite us to their homes, not to expect him to taste them! Can u imagine someone eating idlis without sambhar?? I really haven’t got it till now !!!

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Potato Crisps with Goat cheese

Potatoes are a rarity in my home , except when there is an audience other than me or K . when lovely sia of monsoon spice had announced her event “ode to potato”, I couldn’t resist participating . This dish is a regular when we have parties as the size of the appetizer is small and I can make large batches without panicking and is very crispy and tasty to eat !

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