Makara Sankranthi Subhakaankshalu.

Bhogi mantalu,Colorful muggulu, radham muggu on the D- day, pattu langalu, perantalu, haridasulu, gangireddulu,patangulu,fights over them, bommala koluvu, bhogi pallu, cheruku mukkalu, 5/10paisalu that go with them, 10 days of school holidays, Gobbemmalu, For the boys… of course waking up at 5am on a cold winter morning to escort the women to collect cow’s morning offerings was a pain … Reward was they were included in what was supposedly ‘girls only party on the final gobbemma day, their own maanja making efforts, Dear ol’ ammamma hiding old furniture fearing we might put them in bhogi mantalu

What memories ! Indeed are priceless!

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