Cold Comfort – Eggs on a bed of Ice

Here is my expression of egg… My husband normally cracks and whips the egg for me while making desserts and thats the only form of intake for me, though he would love to eat hard boiled eggs everyday, For him its comfort food and for me I’d prefer an easter egg collection. I used a cannon powershot SD400 camera in which the zoom and USB port dont work as I washed it under running water lost in thought :( Careless no ?

Sending it to Bee n Jai from Me and K


22 thoughts on “Cold Comfort – Eggs on a bed of Ice

  1. Manisha says:

    Hey Dee! That is one colorful picture! Congrats on being the first submission to Click!

    Did I read right? You washed your camera? Instead of what? OMG! I feel for you!

  2. Nags says:

    nice idea for a pic :)

    i guess you are one of the early birds!

    please send in your entry to the cook books event before the 2nd. i will be doing my round up then! :)

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