Hyderabadi Vegetable Dum Biryani – My 50th Post and JFI- Rice

I love it with a passion…I love it so much that I dream about it. I’m not a foodie, however the cravings (if any) I have are for just this one…..the one and only Hyderabadi Dum Biryani.

Spending the first 25 years of my life in Hyderabad, I would often end up travelling right across town to meet up with a like minded friend to have biryani. We infact worked together and would finish our 3AM shift, walk right across the road to the biryani place…and binge on Midnight Biryani. What else could one ask for….great food, great company! Ah those were the days.

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Nadru Paneer

The authentic Kashmiri Nadru Paneer calls for mincing the paneer and stuffing it in the Nadru along with nuts and raisins. Sounds exotic right?

A little variation in the cooking style and our experiment was a success. It was superb and made is to our “once in a while” list. Afterall , we all can take an extra serving of protein combined with fat once in a while. Well long after the curry got over, we were still licking our plates wanting more!!!

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My Pedatha-Gutti Dondakaya

This is my tryst with tradition, my experience of “Cooking with Pedatha“. My pedatha, She is one helluva woman. Growing up in Hyderabad, I spent most of my free time after school/college at their place. I don’t remember missing a get together or a festivity at their place and have fun. Every function filled the house with relatives, cousins and friends. Sankranti was all about chakkarapongal and kites and Deepavali was all sweets and firecrackers. Although the kites meant, getting onto rooftops climbing precariously placed ladders or bursting firecrackers meant the traffic on the road was at our mercy.

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Sookhi Gobi/Dry Cauliflower Subzi

Banaras , being a historical city and India’s oldest and a holy city for Hindus and Jains is also know for its silk. No wedding trousseau is complete without a Banarasi Saree in Northern India. The Silk business is dominated by the Marwaris who are strict vegetarians who have normally a Maharaj/ Maharajan( professional Brahmin cook) to cook for them in their kitchens. There are many vegetarian families who still do not use garlic or onions in their cooking and inspite of that dish up quite a feast.

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