Pickled Green Chilies

What would you think if I offer you a bowl of chillies? That’s exactly the expression K had when I gave him lunch the other day. He took the first bite with a lot of apprehension and a look that said, “Ab tumhare hawaale watan saathiyon”. However, the next moment his look said it all, even chiliies can be deceiving :-)

This is amma’s special dish , a treat for us when we would get tired of eating peas, beans, greens and other healthy food all the week and could no longer take it. A tangy pickle tantalizing the tongue… Tastes better the next day!

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Peach Crumble- Weekend Breakfast Blogging

My dear friend DJ introduced me to this whole new genre of weekend breakfasts that double up as desserts too. Healthy and fruity, these are one of the rare dishes on the sugary side of the palette that I have come to love. And then there is K, who can trade in his main course in exchange for a hearty serving of dessert.

Top the peaches with a buttery, rich, crispy, crumbly oat topping laced with pecans and I’m in heaven.

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Two in one!!! – Preserve It

A warm sunny afternoon….sounds of light banter coming from the courtyard…..the aroma of strong spices being roasted separately…followed by the sweet smell of all roasted spices being ground together……every soul would be attracted to the vortex of such a utopian kitchen. This was the setting I grew up in and learnt different kinds of spice blends. The one I’m recounting here is a speciality my Eldest cousin, Kalyani makes for dual use – as a curry spice, as well as when mixed with salt and jaggery and served with a dollop of ghee ,makes for a yummy chutney podi.

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