Parul’s Delhi Abode

A classic example of ” Home is where the heart is ” Parul and Manish have made this cute house lovingly their home .  Parul is the sweetest person I have ever met , Congenial, always positive and very very talented . She has  a great eye for design and lovingly collected things for her home over the years and during her travels . ,  Parul , Manish and Daksh reside in this beautiful abode  which also has a beautiful backyard .  Each piece that adorns her home is carefully picked and its amazing how different pieces come together like pieces of a puzzle .


Here we go :


Collection of small Ganesha paintings on entrance wall.


The vintage copper and brass collection was inherited from her mom


Buddha corner with brass bust of Buddha, bell and prayer bowl with Coppre prayer leaves placed on a carved wooden table from Leh.

table from leh

A closer shot of the vignette on the beautiful table


A thangka painting above the table

thankga painting

A corner of showcasing the lady of the lamp painting on canvas  . Underneath is the walnut wood kashmiri carving console with a Cleopetra bust.

lady with the lamp

Closer look at the vignette on the beautiful table

lady with the lamp

Her coffee table vignette is ever changing and I love the warm tones of the living room . So welcoming that I’m sure the guests have a hard time  leaving :)   I love the juxtaposition of floral versus rich  Indian brocades  ,  she mixes modern and traditional furniture with ease  and it all comes together just as it has been always there .

Living room Coffee table

Another view of her living room . The  Buddha eyes are so serene and peaceful . This whole vignette oozes tranquility

Living room2

Center wall of living room with pencil sketches by Charles Keith with African tribal masks from Sierra Leone. On the center platform is the Ganesh collection and beneath it the unused fireplace is covered by Ganesha with brass diyas tee lights.The usage of her copper pots as planters is ingenious .

living room fire place

Close up of the Bell and the lamp
A view from the dining room over looking the living area  The warm tones are so inviting .
Isn’t that vintage iron box used as a planter cute ? The carving on the frame above is to die for …
Bar made of walnut wood with kashmiri carving… Manish’s prized possession
Close up of the exquisite wood carving on the bar cabinet
The guest room is so bright , cheery and happy  . They have made so mcuh effort to make sure the guests are comfortable . A case full of books adorns one corner while another corner depicts tranquility  with a copper uruli with flowers .
The beautiful madhubani painting is an oil on canvas and adorns their happy  , colorful guest room
The patio is somewhere parul and her husband have their tea every morning . It is such a green place that it makes them feel closer to nature . A true home decor enthusiast , parul has left no stone unturned by decorating her patio area as another room .  She also  painted a few colorful rocks and hung a few lanterns and made this whole space spectacular and inviting .
What is your favorite in this home tour ? I m finding it really hard to nail it down to one piece , but  I want that bar console for myself , may be because It will often remind me of the beautiful artistry  of my  home country.  If you have an questions feel free to leave a comment  in the comment section . Also be sure to follow Parul on instagram at @chaturvediparul .

Spreading the Holiday Cheer & Meera’s Michigan Home

I love the holiday season , not only because its the holidays and a time to reflect , also because I get the the joy of celebrating  a special milestone with my better half . I carry a warm fuzzy feeling and there is a spring in my step and joy in my heart . It is indeed a month of celebration for us . I read a Facebook post today which said ” Christmas is not a festival but a feeling !”  so true !

My family truly started celebrating Christmas after my first born started preschool and ever since it has become a tradition . Every year , we find different ways and stories of Santa leaving gifts for us . This year , he left them early in a postal bag from the North Pole  , Apparently , Santa couldn’t make it this year , so he sent his UPS elves to do the honors at 4.00 PM as we are doing something else Christmas eve and Christmas . My decorations are very simple , just a hodpodge of ornaments , many that the kids made and some they picked . There are a few holiday tasks we do every year which have become traditions now .

  1. The girls and I go out on a shopping trip and they get to pick an ornament each
  2. We make The Pioneer woman’s M&M cookies and another hassle free quick treat and go around our friends homes and our hood and pass them up .
  3. This year we started giving candy bags to all our neighbors in our street and little thank you for being watchful
  4. We have started doing  care packages since last year and we did about 5 this year . We choose to do care packages for some local shelters and specifically for infants , kids and the senior citizens . It was good way of teaching the kids to be grateful for what we have and be sensitive and kind to those who do not have much especially during the holiday season.
  5. Living in a home with low storage , I am always mindful about what I bring into the home and I am really good at purging stuff , so we keep the gifts to about one per kid , this year , however the kids wanted to gift each other something so we chose to buy something under 5 dollars . It was a win -win situation  ! All that mattered was everyone is happy !
  6. We always buy pecan pie from Trader Joe’s and I make Gulab Jamuns during the week of Christmas . We also look forward to Costco’s fruit cake !
  7. Every year I host dinners for Diwali , Thanksgiving , Christmas and Sankranthi . This year I opted out , I chose to spend quiet days at home or spend time with friends who simply care about spending good time with me , rather than a large spread of meals .
  8. 2015 has been a year of introspection , Being Positive , Consciously staying away from Negative , detrimental relationships and thoughts . Most Importantly , I have learnt to say NO which is a really big accomplishment for me !  I hope 2016 brings more positive vibes , friendships and good times .

Meera , my instafriend  has a beautiful home in the midwest . its amazing just how much warmth her home oozes amidst the cold Midwest winters . I love her vintage style and obviously envious of her unique vintage collection.  She was really kind enough to send her home pictures resplendent with  holiday decor . I love her theme this year ” use what you have ” and she nailed it to the T . There are quite a few DIYs in her decor and she is simply amazing

Her living room decor :

The color scheme is red and gold. I did a picture of the lit wreath on the door and the door slightly ajar. You can see the tree in the corner.
Her Red , Gold tree in all its glory !
Below is  DIY ornament from a co-worker.  Her co worker made them out of baby food jar lids for each of the team. Meera says “She knew my colors and made 6 of these. It  must have taken her a very long time. I have put them out for the last 15 years and always remember the fun times I had with that team.”
Close up of the tree !
Her Family Room Decor :


Coffee table decor in the family room


Her staircase is the star of this feature . Meera said that she was having a hard time wrapping the garland properly on the top of the railing , so instead she wrapped it to the bottom part. I feel this adds a lot of interest and looks great ! The garlands were pre-lit and probably 18 years old. she added wired ribbon, poinsettias and ornaments from my stash.

IMG_4209 IMG_4215 IMG_4213 IMG_4199

Her Dining Room decor

IMG_4148 IMG_4144 IMG_4173 IMG_4177

She had a vintage mancala set , that she added floating candles to :) This is my favorite idea , apart form the baby food jar ornament ! What is your favorite part of this beautiful holiday home tour ? I love that she kept it simple , traditional and just fussy enough to bring the cheer and warmth of the holiday season !

IMG_4196 IMG_4182

With this  tour , i am signing off this year with a lot of gratitude and love . Let there be light , love and warmth everywhere and hoping 2016 will open more avenues for friendships and opportunities for everyone one of us ! Much Love !

Anuradha Kapoor’s Home Part 2

Hello Dear  Readers , I hope you are doing well and ready for the holidays !  Here is the second visual story of Anuradha’s home  and what her home means to her

Anuradha says “The instant I step into my home , I am overwhelmed by the warmth and coziness it imparts. To be surrounded by beautiful handpicked pieces of artifacts, which I have collected over the years from my travels gives me a feeling of belonging and connection to the experiences i had in acquiring each piece.The overall feeling of well being is what keeps me rooted to my home ”

Anuradha , Her merchant navy husband , son and daughter live in a 4 bedroom pent house in Gurgaon . She has made this house , her home for the past 12 years .Every corner of the house has her unique stamp and many many nooks and crannies and doors have been painted by her . I am so in love with the doors that she has painted herself.

Her Kitchen Entry door is painted by her so aptly with vegetables .

Kitchen Door

I love the little card catalog style drawers , so handy to store spices



I could stare at this vignette and be happy all day ! My favorite is of course the blue tray !

Kitchen Vignette

Master Bedroom is stunningly beautiful with the artwork done by the mistress of the house herself. I fell in love with the Ma Saraswati painting .

IMG_0337 IMG_0336

The other side of the master


Her daughter’s bedroom , all girly and feminine . I love the use of color her and that painted door is to die for !


Her son’s bedroom oozing the cool factor ! I love the movie posters here !


Her beautiful terrace garden .. who wouldn’t love to escape into the serenity of the urban oasis  she created . I love the mismatched furniture pots , tiles  and the walls she painted here and there , casual , tranquil and serene , just my kind of place to escape to at the break of dawn and at every given opportunity.


IMG_0027 IMG_0028 IMG_0029

A few vignettes around her beautiful home , soak in all the beauty you can … This is the storage hutch in the passage between her entry way and her kitchen ! I love that every inch of the house serves a purpose , Design and functionality go hand in hand ,

IMG_0017 IMG_0113 IMG_0145

Copper pots  Copper Pots

Her collection of hand painted boxes

Paandaans and the babushka style ganesha dolls  IMG_0243

Anuradha’s collection of artifacts is so extensive and exclusive , that each picture tells a story of how passionate she is about home decor . Her quest for unique , uncommon finds is inspiring so is her passion for making recyclable art ! Did you ever imagine making beautiful art with newspapers ?  I’m so glad to have crossed paths with her and I am both bowled over and humbled by her talent ! Anuradha , please keep posting and keep inspiring the likes of us !

Home Tour – Anuradha Kapoor

I’m back with a wonderful  home tour today .  Instagram has opened a new vistas for me where I come across super talented decor and DIY enthusiasts . Anuradha Kapoor is one the ladies whom I’m so glad to have crossed paths with . This super talented ,beautiful lady has DIYed her way through her home in Delhi and has her  uniqueness imprinted  one very single item in the house . A lady after my own heart after all . Anuradha manages to mix and match so many mediums and DIYs and makes her home look cohesive and well put together . She is also an artist who has painted most of the paintings and pieces painted  displayed in her home . A maximalist , just like me , she manages to make her home well curated .  Her home is a visual treat and her passion and enthusiasm for decor is certainly inspiring . The hardest part for me was to choose from the lot of pictures to post  so I decided to break this post into 3 parts . Today I will be showcasing her Living , Dining Areas .

Anuradha in her own words

I know this may sound strange but my interest in home decor started when I was a kid , in the times when nobody took much interest in the aesthetic appearance of a home . All you could see was beige and brown and someone who dared to be different would use maroon upholstery . Homes were basic and bland. In such a scenario a kid of 12 (that’s me) would adorn her room with paper cut out flowers , colourful ribbon braids, painted tins and boxes . Even embroidered cushions and table cloths to add colour to the room. Cocooned in this self created haven my childhood was a lovely burst of vibrant creativity which has followed me into adulthood . Being a nature lover helped me in my quest for bringing beauty into my home . Anything beautiful or aesthetically pleasing makes my pulses race and gives me goosebumps to this day . Having done a three year course in textile designing further honed my talent and helped me add varied dimensions like design, textiles , patterns ,textures and art mediums to my repertoire. I have also travelled extensively( thanks to a husband in merchant navy) and my joys knew  no bounds when I was exposed to the beauty and diversity of handicrafts, hand looms and art and architecture of various cultures . China, Korea , Thailand , Africa , South America and many other countries added multifarious objects of beauty to our home and above all expanded my worldview about how creativity is universal and all encompassing.
I also feel that to have a lovely warm home one doesn’t have to burn a hole in ones pocket . Except for some furniture we have nothing expensive in our home. Most things are created by me and the others are collected over a period of time from our travels , flea markets , quaint little shops and exhibitions. My keen interest in DIY and recycling of discarded things was instrumental in the creation of my first endeavour called ‘Wonder Waste’ in which I transformed bottles , tins , paper , boxes and cartons into lamps, masks, paper weights , pen stands , news paper paintings and other products . The second range of products under the name of ‘colorworx’ comprises of hand painted metal everyday objects like trunks , kettles, water cans , buckets and plates .

Anuradha is an accomplished artist who takes part in various exhibitions and also takes commissions for those interested .  I will be dedicating a separate post for her work  alone !

Lord Ganesha adorning her entry way ( the door was painted by her)




The Gallery wall at the entryway

Entryway Gallery Wall



Her Living room is so colorful and full of life . The Art is done by her , the amazing black and white paintings are done using newspapers .  Living room



Anuradha found the Mirror in an antique shop in Delhi .  Living room2

Another corner of her living area , isnt that mirrored table adorable ?



Stately chairs adorning another corner of her living room .

Living Corner1


Now comes another sitting nook in the dining area , those nature inspired paintings have definitely stolen my heart !  Isnt it amazing that she made the shelves using the back of the chairs and attached mirrors to them ! Well , I already have her permission to replicate the same in my home ,  The hanging lamp is a find from Kerala during one of her many travel escapades .

Dining Area - sitout

I so want that Mancala set !


One more view of the dining area . I love how she used a single color to make it look cohesive.


A view of the living room from the dining room .

IMG_0328 The pass through between the dining and the living areas has a display of her finds from across India and the world .


Mask wall in her TV room.  Collecting Masks is surely on my wishlist .

Mask Wall

I hope you enjoyed seeing these spaces as much as I did . Coming up next is the rest of house and her beautiful Terrace garden .What is your favorite amongst the featured rooms ?

All pictures are courtesy of Anuradha Kapoor . Please do not use without asking first .

If you have any questions , please feel free to send an email or post a comment . Anuradha’s insta handle is  @Anuradha.kapoor5  .

Meet The Maker – Soumeiran

Hello Sweet readers , Hope you are well and I am back again . I am introducing a new series called Meet the Maker . A series close to my heart .  In this  column , I will talk a bit more about face behind the brand , products that speak to me . Many a time , an amazing pictorial is what we see  on their website , Facebook or Instagram page, but the hard work  and the diligence that is put into giving their brand a soul , is often unknown .  I met Suchitra  by chance on one of those days when I was trolling Facebook , Her Kaumidi Necklaces stole my heart and I wrote to her about  owning one and thus our communication began. I feel truly privileged to know such a talented person.  The multi talented lady is not only makes stunning , unique silver  jewelery , but is also a talented writer and painter .  I  had asked her if she would be interested in  answering a few questions and here  she is .. I will let her words and work  shine here rather than write a lengthy post .  Be ready to be blown away  !!!


It is scandalous, like getting into a whirlwind,
I am enraptured, enthralled,
For this love is dark, seductive, impulsive,
But I can’t help it at all.

Your glory, your history, your grace,
This fever, this rage,
Makes me want you more.
I have never been so mesmerised,
So Captivated before.

Can you tell me a  bit about yourself?


Hi, I am Suchitra Hattangadi Gulvady, and I was born and brought up in Mumbai, India. I have been living in the U.K. for the past 9 years with my family. I have trained in Applied Arts and worked as a graphic designer with a couple of e – learning companies, and then as an illustrator with a couple of tee brands in Mumbai and Pune where I lived for about a year and a half after getting married.

How did you come about starting your jewelry brand Soumeiran ? Please include launch year.

Soumeiran was sheer serendipity. Last 10 years of my life have been a haze -, getting married, moving abroad, having children, making the choice of staying at home to be with the little ones and quitting work. As exciting it has been, it also has been very intense and tested me as a person at various levels, though a truly gratifying process nonetheless. A personal tragedy nurtured a desperate need for an creative outlet purely to stay afloat. I have always thoroughly enjoyed painting, it has been the most fulfilling process and brought about a zen like state of mind for me, but due to time constraints I never was able to get back to it. I have though always loved silver jewellery from my college days, when I used to see my classmates hailing from South of Mumbai wearing silver jewellery and coming to college. Handloom Expo used to be a ‘not to be missed’ event for my family, when we used to visit the then once in a year event and buy khadi and handloom sarees. That ingrained in me an undying love for handloom and handicrafts, which in turn harnessed the love for silver as handloom and silver are a marriage made in heaven. I had a fair share of my jewellery bought right from the sellers in local trains, to Hill Road in Bandra and Colaba Causeway which were more of use and throw types and affordable for a college goer and then a new earner that I was. Eventually I got to a stage where I yearned for and fell in love more and more in what they call as ‘slow fashion’ and for the ‘real stuff’. A couple of purchases online for myself came from Thailand and that’s all was what was required to take me madly researching for more sources from where I could buy silver jewellery. That again went hand in hand with the colours that I would use to compliment the silver and hence gemstones came into the picture. Before I knew it I was trying my hand at making jewellery, hence the much needed creative outlet came into form on November 2nd, 2013.

What does Soumeiran mean?

Soumeiran simply implies prayer beads strung together, in Sanskrit.

What is your design process and what kind of metals do you work with?

Design process for me is an ‘on the go’ process. My typical day demands a lot of my time around the two young ones and I am literally scheming layouts and color schemes in my head while I am making their breakfasts, preparing their school lunches, getting them ready, dropping them off to school, etc. Its a hell of multitasking but that’s how I work and by the time I get to the design board, I know what I am making :)

The metals I work with is only sterling silver, and I would kindly like to draw your attention to especially the designs in silver I mainly work with. It belongs to the temple jewelry genre and with that I do feel I have found my forte, and I thoroughly enjoy working with these elements, teamed with semi precious gemstones in all shapes and sizes. I am simply amazed at the quality of craftsmanship and skill gone into making these designs, and I am only honored to have been able to identify and source these designs. The gemstones come from all over the world, one of the suppliers being based here in the UK who take immense pride in their quality and authenticity they provide with each strand of gemstones.

The end product is something that’s made of genuine, authentic material to the smallest component used, no corners cut, simply a heirloom piece of jewelry ready for its patron.

How long does it take for a collection to come to life typically?

The collections have been a bit sporadic over the period of time, as I get to make pieces only during any time that is spared after the daily tasks are fulfilled. I don’t really time or plan a collection, though I do make a point to make something to mark upcoming festivals, so to speak, or as and when I source something completely fresh out of the craftsmen’s makery and they are waiting to be showcased to the world.

Can you share the names of your collections and the story behind each one?

I have a penchant for Sanskrit names and I have jotted many along the way sub consciously in my mind that now come flashing by whenever I am working on a collection. I go with the name that rushes to my mind first.

Agneyi Kaumudi

Kaumudi Dvitiya kaumudiearrings krishnee mahima mahima1 Raajavi




The sky is full of sparkly stars,
And I see the warm glow of oil lamps scattered,
For rejoice lies in the simplicity of hers,
And her beauty lies in her calm fire. Maaya


...Now you understand
Just why my head’s not bowed.
I don’t shout or jump about
Or have to talk real loud.
When you see me passing,
It ought to make you proud.
I say,
It’s in the click of my heels,
The bend of my hair,
the palm of my hand,
The need for my care.

’Cause I’m a woman

Phenomenal woman,
That’s me. Sharanya

 The above piece encompasses the spirit of good over evil, with Maa Kaali flanked by Ashtamaatrika on either sides.


To you, who could want to run away from the storm,
but would rather walk right in the face of it.

To you, who could be urged to blend in,
but would rather walk alone with your identity alongside.

To you, who could turn a blind eye to apathy,
but would rather take it head on.

An ode to the very many Goddesses who are
unleashed at different walks of life, in every one of us, in you, in me.



The universe and the light of the stars come through me.”
― Rumi


“The cold, grey English skies are graced by the slow, unfurling petals of the Magnolia and Cherry Blossoms, and every street is graced by their presence ushering the promise of Spring.
As the first of Spring sun rays touch the Earth, color the sky Blue and mark their presence, and the Magnolia and Cherry Blossoms age gracefully and beautifully, here’s Vasantaa – an attempt to capture the beauty of these two enchantresses.”

I also see the descriptions are very poetic suchitra .. do you write them yourself ?

It especially started with the collection – Sharanya, when I just wanted to pen something for a teaser of the collection and the words just flowed, simply out of the desire of expressing something from personal experiences and self affirmation. I have tried to follow the pattern with each collection hence forth, and yes, I do write everything myself unless credits are duly given to the respective writer.

Of course  I have to share with you my  own piece of Soumeiran .. Here is what I own and  my little one are negotiating who will own it  :) Truly honored to own such exquisiteness !



Suchitra’s Art

art by suchitra


Suchitra’s repertoire is extensive and can be viewed on her Facebook Page and  her Instagram handle is Soumeiran .  I hope you enjoyed knowing her as much as I did .