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Hello Sweet readers , Hope you are well and I am back again . I am introducing a new series called Meet the Maker . A series close to my heart .  In this  column , I will talk a bit more about face behind the brand , products that speak to me . Many a time , an amazing pictorial is what we see  on their website , Facebook or Instagram page, but the hard work  and the diligence that is put into giving their brand a soul , is often unknown .  I met Suchitra  by chance on one of those days when I was trolling Facebook , Her Kaumidi Necklaces stole my heart and I wrote to her about  owning one and thus our communication began. I feel truly privileged to know such a talented person.  The multi talented lady is not only makes stunning , unique silver  jewelery , but is also a talented writer and painter .  I  had asked her if she would be interested in  answering a few questions and here  she is .. I will let her words and work  shine here rather than write a lengthy post .  Be ready to be blown away  !!!


It is scandalous, like getting into a whirlwind,
I am enraptured, enthralled,
For this love is dark, seductive, impulsive,
But I can’t help it at all.

Your glory, your history, your grace,
This fever, this rage,
Makes me want you more.
I have never been so mesmerised,
So Captivated before.

Can you tell me a  bit about yourself?


Hi, I am Suchitra Hattangadi Gulvady, and I was born and brought up in Mumbai, India. I have been living in the U.K. for the past 9 years with my family. I have trained in Applied Arts and worked as a graphic designer with a couple of e – learning companies, and then as an illustrator with a couple of tee brands in Mumbai and Pune where I lived for about a year and a half after getting married.

How did you come about starting your jewelry brand Soumeiran ? Please include launch year.

Soumeiran was sheer serendipity. Last 10 years of my life have been a haze -, getting married, moving abroad, having children, making the choice of staying at home to be with the little ones and quitting work. As exciting it has been, it also has been very intense and tested me as a person at various levels, though a truly gratifying process nonetheless. A personal tragedy nurtured a desperate need for an creative outlet purely to stay afloat. I have always thoroughly enjoyed painting, it has been the most fulfilling process and brought about a zen like state of mind for me, but due to time constraints I never was able to get back to it. I have though always loved silver jewellery from my college days, when I used to see my classmates hailing from South of Mumbai wearing silver jewellery and coming to college. Handloom Expo used to be a ‘not to be missed’ event for my family, when we used to visit the then once in a year event and buy khadi and handloom sarees. That ingrained in me an undying love for handloom and handicrafts, which in turn harnessed the love for silver as handloom and silver are a marriage made in heaven. I had a fair share of my jewellery bought right from the sellers in local trains, to Hill Road in Bandra and Colaba Causeway which were more of use and throw types and affordable for a college goer and then a new earner that I was. Eventually I got to a stage where I yearned for and fell in love more and more in what they call as ‘slow fashion’ and for the ‘real stuff’. A couple of purchases online for myself came from Thailand and that’s all was what was required to take me madly researching for more sources from where I could buy silver jewellery. That again went hand in hand with the colours that I would use to compliment the silver and hence gemstones came into the picture. Before I knew it I was trying my hand at making jewellery, hence the much needed creative outlet came into form on November 2nd, 2013.

What does Soumeiran mean?

Soumeiran simply implies prayer beads strung together, in Sanskrit.

What is your design process and what kind of metals do you work with?

Design process for me is an ‘on the go’ process. My typical day demands a lot of my time around the two young ones and I am literally scheming layouts and color schemes in my head while I am making their breakfasts, preparing their school lunches, getting them ready, dropping them off to school, etc. Its a hell of multitasking but that’s how I work and by the time I get to the design board, I know what I am making :)

The metals I work with is only sterling silver, and I would kindly like to draw your attention to especially the designs in silver I mainly work with. It belongs to the temple jewelry genre and with that I do feel I have found my forte, and I thoroughly enjoy working with these elements, teamed with semi precious gemstones in all shapes and sizes. I am simply amazed at the quality of craftsmanship and skill gone into making these designs, and I am only honored to have been able to identify and source these designs. The gemstones come from all over the world, one of the suppliers being based here in the UK who take immense pride in their quality and authenticity they provide with each strand of gemstones.

The end product is something that’s made of genuine, authentic material to the smallest component used, no corners cut, simply a heirloom piece of jewelry ready for its patron.

How long does it take for a collection to come to life typically?

The collections have been a bit sporadic over the period of time, as I get to make pieces only during any time that is spared after the daily tasks are fulfilled. I don’t really time or plan a collection, though I do make a point to make something to mark upcoming festivals, so to speak, or as and when I source something completely fresh out of the craftsmen’s makery and they are waiting to be showcased to the world.

Can you share the names of your collections and the story behind each one?

I have a penchant for Sanskrit names and I have jotted many along the way sub consciously in my mind that now come flashing by whenever I am working on a collection. I go with the name that rushes to my mind first.

Agneyi Kaumudi

Kaumudi Dvitiya kaumudiearrings krishnee mahima mahima1 Raajavi




The sky is full of sparkly stars,
And I see the warm glow of oil lamps scattered,
For rejoice lies in the simplicity of hers,
And her beauty lies in her calm fire. Maaya


...Now you understand
Just why my head’s not bowed.
I don’t shout or jump about
Or have to talk real loud.
When you see me passing,
It ought to make you proud.
I say,
It’s in the click of my heels,
The bend of my hair,
the palm of my hand,
The need for my care.

’Cause I’m a woman

Phenomenal woman,
That’s me. Sharanya

 The above piece encompasses the spirit of good over evil, with Maa Kaali flanked by Ashtamaatrika on either sides.


To you, who could want to run away from the storm,
but would rather walk right in the face of it.

To you, who could be urged to blend in,
but would rather walk alone with your identity alongside.

To you, who could turn a blind eye to apathy,
but would rather take it head on.

An ode to the very many Goddesses who are
unleashed at different walks of life, in every one of us, in you, in me.



The universe and the light of the stars come through me.”
― Rumi


“The cold, grey English skies are graced by the slow, unfurling petals of the Magnolia and Cherry Blossoms, and every street is graced by their presence ushering the promise of Spring.
As the first of Spring sun rays touch the Earth, color the sky Blue and mark their presence, and the Magnolia and Cherry Blossoms age gracefully and beautifully, here’s Vasantaa – an attempt to capture the beauty of these two enchantresses.”

I also see the descriptions are very poetic suchitra .. do you write them yourself ?

It especially started with the collection – Sharanya, when I just wanted to pen something for a teaser of the collection and the words just flowed, simply out of the desire of expressing something from personal experiences and self affirmation. I have tried to follow the pattern with each collection hence forth, and yes, I do write everything myself unless credits are duly given to the respective writer.

Of course  I have to share with you my  own piece of Soumeiran .. Here is what I own and  my little one are negotiating who will own it  :) Truly honored to own such exquisiteness !



Suchitra’s Art

art by suchitra


Suchitra’s repertoire is extensive and can be viewed on her Facebook Page and  her Instagram handle is Soumeiran .  I hope you enjoyed knowing her as much as I did .

Simple DIY Coasters

Are you the kind of person who loves to give gifts ?  I love to give handmade gifts . There is something very fulfilling about giving a gift that is handmade . I feel a lot of love and effort goes into it and it definitely sends a message to the person receiving it , how much we cherish them . I have a few simple DIY’s up my sleeve for the hostess which are simple , thoughtful , unique , pretty , useful and most importantly don’t break the bank. IMG_9449 (2)


This DIY is so simple that my kids helped me and we could do it in one afternoon. , If you don’t have square coasters like I had in my stash , you can find thin ply boards as less as $5 in any home improvement store like Home depot and Lowe’s and they can cut the 4X4 squares for you for free and you can whip up a ton of them . Another option is to use ceramic tile , but they are going to be heavier than these wood ones .

The coasters I had were purchased in India in a sale in Shopper’s stop I think … I purchased them about 5 years ago and have never opened them until I was rummaging my closet for something else . They are pretty as they are , but I’m not a fan of brown and  wanted to spruce them .

Materials Needed


What you need

4- 6 pack square wood coasters

2 kinds of wrapping paper

Modge Podge

A brush to apply the modge podge

Gold Sharpie Pen

Exacto Knife

Scissors .

Shopping or Old credit card

Directions :

1.  Make sure your coasters are free of dirt and grime . Spray some water / cleaner and wipe with a dry cloth and dry them until all the moisture is gone . This is a very important step . Do not skip it .

2. Measure the coasters against the wrapping paper and cut the paper according to size

Paper Cut

3. Dip the brush into the modge podge and  apply it liberally one one side of the square coaster and apply the paper on it gently and press . Modge Podged Base


4. Using a shopping or old credit card , run the card in one direction from one end to another making sure there are no bubbles .

5. Apply a thin coat of Modge Podge again on top of the paper  at least for 3 times and let it dry for at least 3 days .

Top Coat

6. Repeat on the other side again .

7. After the coasters are dry , I ran a gold colored sharpie across the edges to give it a more glamorous look . If your wood or tile is thicker , you can also gold leaf it .

8. Because I used different kind of paper each side , it would be easy to switch them up whenever Im in for a change :)

Pretty Coasters

The total cost of the project would be approximately $10 and you can re use the items purchased many many times .




New Beginnings …

Hello Everyone !!! I am not even sure about what to write here … 5 years seems like a long break for anyone to take but, you see , I wanted to soak up the joy of raising my beautiful daughters ! They seem to grow very fast ,before I could catch up. I have to also admit I did lose the passion to post quality content and I had no intention of writing a blog just for the sake of readership . I do understand that this blog is nothing without you guys but I also write for myself :) I loved loved loved getting emails from a few of you during my long absence  and I did look forward to them . Thank you for checking on me . You are one of the reasons I am posting again !


As usual , I don’t have a plan , again ! about  what I want to post ,how I want to schedule my posts etc . For now I want to focus on talking about  bunch of things like food , my favorite finds , a bit of simple DIY, my home decoration process etc . I have made some wonderful friends via the blog world and I continue to look forward to forming long lasting relationships .

I am super excited of beginning a new chapter and would love to have you with me !


Cheers and Hugs !!


And the winner is…

MLLA -33 round up is finally here !  Thanks  to all of you for taking the time out to send an entry and make this event a grand success.

I received quite a lot of entries  from 48 blogs , after eliminating the previous winners , I numbered the entries based on the date received and chose the winner using a random generator and the winner is  Kalva of Curry in Kadai !

Congratulations Kalva , Susan will touchbase with you and many thanks to you susan for being patient with me! Hugs to you

The round up is in random order ,


1.Black Eyed Beans with Garlic and Olive Oil from  Cooking In Westcher

2. Tomato Bajji from Srav’s culinary concepts

3. Nimona and Kothimbir Vadi from Veggie platter

4. Borlotti Bean soup from Cindystar

5. Matki Moth Beans with Amti Masala , Lentil Croquettes and Misal Usal from Samayal Arai – Cooking is Divine

6. Roasted Onion Quinoa Azuki Salad from City Life Eats

7.Cannellini al gratin from Eats well with others

8. Spiced Lentils with Mushrooms from Rachel’s Bite

9. Shoki Shoki Azuki Bean Salad from Torwen

10. Mesopotamian Barley, Chickpea, Lentil, Tahini Soup from Lisa’s Kitchen

11. Masala Vada from Curry in Kadai

12.Ottolenghi’s Spiced Chickpeas with Fresh Vegetable Salad from More than Burnt toast

13. Pakore Wali Kadhi (Fried Onion Dumplings in Yogurt Sauce) from Ecurry

14. Usli from Vegetarian Delicacies

15. Kanchipuram Idlis and Thavala Adai from Kamu’s Kaivannam

16. Sprouts stuffed Parathas from Flavours and Tastes

17. Artichoke and Chickpea Curry from Sweet Artichoke

18. Dalimbay Bhat , Radish chickpea curry and Beetroot Radish salad from My spicy kitchen

19. Amristari Chole from Asan Khana

20. Dal Makhni from My Tasty Treats

21. Lima Beans Kurma and Mixed Lentil and Vegetable stew from Tamalapaku

22. Healthy n Hearty Spring Beans Salad with Muhammara Dressing and Peanut Oats Laddu from Creative Sanyukta

23. Symphonic Mixed Bean Salad from Taste Space

24. Heirloom Bean and Mushroom Stew from what would cathy eat?

25. Garam Masala Lentils with Soy from Food for Laughter

26. Arisi Parupu Saadam from Krithi’s Kitchen

27.Dal Amritsari from My Kitchen Antics

28. Aloo Soy Bean Subzi and Rajma from Ambrosia

29. Red Lentil Cauliflower cobbler from Allotment2kitchen

30. Spinach Dal from Collaborative Curry

31. Besan chilla from Holy Cow

32. Fried tofu with Ginger spinach from Erbe in cucina

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34. Peanut Rice from Enveetu Kitchen

35. Gurdani from Food Mazaa

36. Sprouted Moong chutney powder from Niveditha’s kitchen

37. Chickpeas with catalan picada from Briciole

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39. Pancakes with Potatoes and Lentils from Green Gourmet Giraffe Blog

40.Ultimate winter couscous from Taste Space

41. Black eyed Peas with Kale and sweet potatoes from Girlichef

42. Baked Broccoli Pakoras from Chez Cayenne

43. Sprouted Chick pea falafel from La Caffettiera Rosa

44. Olan from Vadani Kaval Gheta

45. Tomato Dal from Yummy Food

46.  Deep Fried Kachoris from Torview

47. Dalma from saffron streaks

48. Mung and Urad dal Appam from Sensible veg

49. Mattar ki dal amti from Zesty South Indian Kitchen


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My Legume Love Affair – 33

A Big Thank you to Susan for giving me this wonderful opportunity to host  MLLA-33 .  The daily grind of handling 2 beauties and a home has taken precedence over everything else in life.  We had another beautiful addition to our family , Little Anika who is 5 months old . If it not were for MLLA , I would have taken a longer break than this.

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